What are the Wright Brothers famous for?

Wright brothers

The Wright brothers' first successful flight in an airplane with an engine.

The Wright brothers are considered to be the inventors of the first real airplane that actually flown. Their famous flight took place in December 1903. What was special was that their plane had fixed wings and the way it was controlled.

Orville Wright was born in 1871, his brother Wilbur was four years younger. They were supposed to be studying, but they found the technology much more interesting. Her first company was a printing company with a self-made printing machine. They later started a shop selling and repairing bicycles.

Since the years after 1890 they have been busy building an airplane. Otto Lilienthal built a glider in Germany, but with which he crashed and died. The brothers understood that the most important thing is to be able to control such an aircraft well.

After a few attempts with a glider, they built a motor into their device. To do this, they also had to develop a suitable propeller to provide propulsion. In 1903 the time had come, at the small town of Kitty Hawk in the southwest of the USA: The first plane took off. It flew 37 meters and was almost 11 kilometers per hour.

The Wright brothers continued to build their devices and initially kept them a secret. After that, they traveled around the world to demonstrate them. They had to experience a lot of arguments about who built the first aircraft. Wilbur died during that time, in 1912. Orville became a respected aviation professional and did not die until 1948.

  • Nine days after the famous flight, it was in a newspaper.

  • Wilbur is on the left in this picture, Orville is on the right.

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