Improves the awareness of staying hydrated

The applications

The basic remedy is the baths in the unique natural spring - the mineral water with a high carbonic acid content and a permanent temperature of 22.5 ° C, supplemented by a colorful range of applications from the field of massages, packs, electrotherapy and rehabilitation. An offer of individual, over-the-counter spa treatments is intended for the public. You can also choose one of the unique treatments, such as the application in Vacushape, full-body cold therapy in Polarium Arktika, massage with lava stones or chocolate massage.

The water therapy

The important remedy for which the Teplice nad Bečvou spa is visited is bathing in thermal alkaline mineral water with a high oxygen content and a stable temperature of 22.5 ° C. Oxygen penetrates the bloodstream through the skin, making it the best natural remedy for vasodilation. After a series of therapeutic baths, the blood circulation in the heart, brain and kidneys is improved, the increased blood pressure is lowered and stabilized, the metabolism is regulated and metabolic end products are released into the environment. The immediate effect of the carbonic acid bath is the removal of increased muscle tension, and it also refreshes the whole organism.

Carbonic bath + pack
A carbonic acid bath is administered in undiluted mineral water with carbonic acid, which is heated directly in the bath to a temperature of 33 - 34 ° C. The bath lasts 15 minutes and is then followed by a dry pack in which you lie down for at least 15 minutes while resting and relaxing.
245, - CZK
Carbonated bath with additive (added oats, cranberries ...)285, - CZK

Carbonic bath with peat + pack

305, - CZK
Carbonic acid bath with mineral salt from the Dead Sea with brilliant + pack325, - CZK
Whole body whirling bath + pack245, - CZK
Whole body whirling bath with additives + pack
A tub is filled up to 3/4 with water at 36 - 38 ° C, the water is whirled with a water turbine. Healing oil effect on the body through temperature and gentle water vortex massage.
285, - CZK
Foot whirlpool
The client sits in a hip bath for 15–20 minutes with feet in the water - water temperature around 34 ° C, where jets of water - equipped with pressure - flow from nozzles. This application improves the flow of blood through the venous and lymphatic system, prevents swelling and improves it Metabolism.
90, - CZK

Alternating foot bath
It is an active application that consists of alternating between a basin with warm water (40 - 46 ° C) and a second basin with cold water. You start in warm water for 1-2 minutes, followed by the pool with cold water for 1⁄2 minute. This is repeated 6 to 8 times - it takes about 15 minutes and the application ends in the cold water pool. The application improves blood circulation.

70, - CZK
Dry gas pool
In our health resort, dry carbonic acid baths are also carried out, for which carbon oxide from a natural healing source is used again - for its vasodilation effect. The carbon oxide is heavier than the air, behaves like water and therefore it is also used to fill the seat basin. Gas baths do not have the same effect as carbonic acid baths, but are beneficial for patients whose skin integrity is disrupted. The client sits in a comfortable suit and shoe covers in the dry pool, where carbon dioxide is released from the splinters of the carbonated water flowing towards the pool floor. The treatment triggers a pleasant sensation of warmth and, in some patients, relief of pain perception. A slight reddening of the skin can be observed after application. The application takes 30 minutes.
45, - CZK


The packs are applied in such a way that the required amount of the pack mixture is applied directly to the skin. The client lies in a pack for 15-30 minutes, which usually consists of a plastic sheet, a hydrotherapeutic linen cloth and a woolen blanket.

Warm packs (paraffin)
Warm packs cause slight overcrowding of blood, relaxation of muscle and tissue tension, and pain relief. Warm packs are not used for acute inflammatory symptoms.
Paraffin packs: It is about a thermal treatment that is carried out by applying a paraffin pouch in the liquid state. During the paraffin conversion from liquid to solid form, we use the heat generated.
75, - CZK
Warm packs (peat)
Warm packs cause slight overcrowding of blood, relaxation of muscle and tissue tension, and pain relief. When using the peat soil, the effect of the partially absorbed ions through the skin follows, especially iodine or sulfur. Warm packs are not used for acute inflammatory symptoms.
110, - CZK
Partial body wrap (upper limb)with Dead Sea mud125, - CZK
Partial body wrap (Back or lower limbs)with Dead Sea mud250, - CZK
Full body wrap with Dead Sea mud
Dead Sea mineral mud contains a large amount of minerals and salts. It is easy to apply to the skin and helps to freshen it up. It relaxes and strengthens the organism. It has natural cleansing properties, detoxifies the skin and removes excess fat and dead cells. It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation.
570, - CZK

Lingonberry full body wrap
Pleasant regeneration pack that refines the skin. It is suitable for dry skin and skin exposed to daily stress. The pack promotes the regeneration of psychological powers, perfectly smooths and refines the skin. The duration of the entire application is 45 minutes.

440, - CZK

The combination of honey and milk has represented a feeling of prosperity and well-being for centuries. The mighty regent Cleopatra used these products to maintain her youthful, beautiful appearance.
Exfoliating with sugar effectively removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, smoothes the skin and makes it supple. It perfectly pampers dry or very dry skin. The nourishing mask promotes the supply of oxygen to all tissues, stimulates the immune system and helps protect the vitality and elasticity of the skin. It makes it supple and gives it a young appearance, the surface of the skin becomes supple.
The numbing scent of the mask influences all the senses, brings relaxation and a good feeling. The body butter has a strong effect on the care of very dry, poorly perfused and atrophied skin. It gives the skin intensive care, hydration, vitalization and strengthens its immune system. The products in this range contain active natural substances and no paraffin oils, petrolatum, silicones, parabens or synthetic dyes.
The duration of the entire application is approx. 90 minutes.
The application includes peeling, body wrap, the final treatment of the skin with body butter and relaxation

1300 CZK

Oxygen therapy
Oxygen therapy is a cure that consists of inhaling an oxygen mixture. The higher concentration of oxygen improves your cellular tissue blood flow, it gives you new energy and regenerates all cells in the body. This application takes place on a deck chair in comfortable clothing. A mobile device creates a mixture with a high proportion of oxygen, which the client inhales using an oxygen cannula. During the application, the client can listen to relaxing music, read or drink an ionic drink. The application lasts 60 minutes.

110, - CZK


A massage is an excellent means of relaxing muscle tension, improving blood circulation, supplying nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, leading to a faster flushing of pollutants from the tissues and reducing stress. At least one hour after the massage, ideally the rest of the day, no physical exertion, driving a car or any other physical or psychological exertion are recommended. Adequate intake of fluids is necessary - still water or green tea are recommended, to increase the healing properties avoid coffee and alcohol. The skin tension is normalized, decreased or increased muscle tension is regulated, pain relief, relaxation in the spine area - muscle spasm and nerve blocks emerging from the spine. The specified time includes the duration of the massage and the preparation of the client.

Classic partial body massage - neck and back (20 minutes)190, - CZK
Classic full body massage (60 minutes)
Classic massage is suitable for clients with spinal and joint pain, for muscle relaxation and psychological relaxation. During the massage, the capillaries of the skin expand and the skin becomes red as the blood flow is increased.
540, - CZK
Partial aromatic body massage - neck and back (20 minutes)205, - CZK
Aromatic full body massage (60 minutes)
Classic massage performed with aromatic oils.
610, - CZK
Aromatic full body massage with facial massage (2 hours)900 CZK

Hand massage with wrap (30 minutes)
The hand massage is not only an excellent means of improving blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, but it also contributes to general relaxation. A massage of the palms of the hands, the individual fingers and the back of the hand up to the elbows is performed. The specified time includes a massage including a final wrap, which makes the skin supple and nourishes it.

230, - CZK

Foot massage with a wrap (45 minutes)
The massage loosens tense muscles, improves blood circulation and makes the cornea softer. A massage of the soles of the feet, toes and the entire calf stimulates the metabolism in the lower extremities. The time indicated also includes showering before application, massage and application of the wrap. The cure gives the skin the nourishment it needs and suppleness.

350, - CZK
Manual underwater massage of the lower limbs + pack230, - CZK
Manual underwater treatment + pack
An intensive water jet full body massage - temperature 35-38 ° C is applied with the help of a nozzle, which is located at the end of the massage hose. It promotes the acceleration of the return of blood and lymph to the heart, relaxation of the muscle tension and then psychological relaxation, overall refreshment. The duration of the underwater massage is 15 minutes, followed by a rest phase in a pack - 15 minutes.
270, - CZK
Manual lymphodrenage (upper or lower limb)540, - CZK
Lymphodrenage device(upper or lower limb)
Helps to normalize and maintain the balanced relationship of the flow between the blood and lymphatic systems by spreading the pressure wave in cuffs in which the limbs are inside. In view of the large number of programs in modern devices, the direction, pressure, extent and frequency of the pressure wave can be dosed in such a way that the effect is optimal for the client. The application helps to improve the return of venous blood and lymph, thereby reducing swelling of the upper and lower limbs. The application takes 30 - 60 minutes.
180, - CZK
Massage belt
The massage belt massages the back, lumbar spine, lower limbs. The belt is powered by electricity - 4 speed levels. This application is recommended for 10-15 minutes.
30, - CZK
Partial body massage with lava stones - back (45 minutes)420, - CZK
Full body massage with lava stones (90 minutes)
A massage not only has relaxing effects, it also loosens stiff muscles, relieves tension, relieves pain, activates and stimulates the blood circulation, the lymphatic system and the body's self-healing powers; it is also good for the skin, which is soft and tender through a massage becomes. Lava stones are heated in a water bath - in a special container - temperature between 45-55 ° C. The masseur takes them in his own hands and only briefly touches the client's body with them. It is very important to give feedback to the masseur, because not everyone can tolerate the same temperature. You can also place the lava stones on the body's energy centers - e.g. B. in the hands, on the back ... After the massage you should avoid physically and mentally strenuous activities. A sufficient supply of fluids is very important.
Contraindications: for tumor diseases, infectious diseases, fever, cold, high, low or fluctuating blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.
680, - CZK
Facial massage (20 minutes)
Facial cleansing with make-up removal oil and toning with aromatic facial tonic (rose, fruit, exotic aroma, etc.) A vitamin drink is served with the massage.
250, - CZK

Thai oil full massage (2 hours)
The Thai oil massage is rightly considered a healing massage. Its origins can be found in ancient times, in the time of the Buddha. It uses elements from traditional Thai massage, traditional Chinese massage, Indian Ayurveda and special massage oils.
This alternative relaxation and treatment massage method is based on a force effect on the energy channels of individual organs of the human body, the so-called meridians and on their pressure points, so that the whole body from the top of the head, over the neck, the spine, back muscles, arms up to is systematically massaged to the feet and toes. By using slow, long grips combined with stretching and acupressure, body energies are blocked, the joints, muscles and tendons relax, and the spine is stretched.
The full Thai oil massage takes about 120 minutes. The time indicated includes the client's preparation, massage and final relaxation.
Contraindications: acute febrile illnesses, general weakness of the body, purulent skin diseases, advanced arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis, tendency to bleed, infectious diseases, leukemia and other tumor diseases, pregnancy and two months afterwards. If in doubt, please consult your health status with your doctor.

1200, - CZK
Thai oil full massage(60 minutes)550, - CZK
Honey - partial massage (about 45 minutes)
A honey massage removes toxins (toxins) that the body has accumulated in its tissues. They are excreted in the form of rubber secretions at problem areas on the back or other parts of the body. Finally, excreted toxins are simply wiped off with a towel dipped in warm water. This massage is suitable for exhaustion, nerve disorders, tension and restlessness, lifestyle diseases (e.g. high cholesterol, constipation), blood circulation problems, convalescence, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, rheumatic diseases of the muscles and joints, osteoarthritis.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: in the area of ​​open wounds, with a honey allergy, rash or eczema, with tumors because of the risk of metastasis, with internal bleeding, e.g. gastric ulcer, in the case of a recent stroke, with high intraocular pressure (glaucoma), with a thrombosis Infectious diseases.
420, - CZK

Madagascar massages
These deep relaxation massages have beneficial effects on a whole range of diseases. At the same time, they preventatively strengthen mental and physical health. They relieve stress and tension, alleviate back and joint pain, improve blood circulation, detoxify the organism and make the skin look younger.

During these massages, precious stones are placed on the body and unique natural oils from Madagascar are used. The massage oil is selected by the customer after consultation with the masseur:

Katrafay oil: contains Cedrelopsis grevei (Katrafay) and counteracts back, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, calms and relieves pain.

Cinnamon oil: relieves pain and muscle problems, is good for the kidneys and cellulite, has a warming effect, soothes cramps and counteracts swelling.

Bien-être oil: with the addition of lavender and rosemary, hydrates and perfumes the skin. Triggers a feeling of relaxation, wellbeing and happiness.

The massages are not suitable for people with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, varicose veins, infectious diseases and for pregnant women up to the 4th month.


Madagascar full body massage(with the exception of the head, 90 min.)

780, - CZK

Madagascar partial massage (Back and neck, 30 min.)

350, - CZK

Madagascar face and head massage (30 min.)

350, - CZK

Madagascar soles of the feet reflex massage (60 min.)

600, - CZK

Packages at an affordable price

BAD Plus
Carbonic bath + pack + classic partial massage
370, - CZK
Carbonic bath + pack + classic total massage
670, - CZK
BAD special
Partial body wrap (back or limbs) with mud from the Dead Sea + carbonic acid bath + wrap + classic partial massage
560, - CZK
Partial body wrap (back or limbs) with Dead Sea mud + carbonic bath + wrap + classic partial massage + lunch
695, - CZK
MUD Briliant
Full body pack with mud from the Dead Sea + carbonic acid bath with mineral salt from the Dead Sea with diamond + pack
735, - CZK
MUD standard
Partial body pack (back or limbs) with mud from the Dead Sea + carbonic acid bath with mineral salt from the Dead Sea + pack
470, - CZK
Partial body massage with massage oil + facial cleansing with make-up removal oil + toning with facial tonic + facial massage with facial regeneration oil + carbonic acid bath with salt from the Dead Sea with diamond + pack
665, - CZK

Lingonberry full body wrap
Pleasant regeneration pack that refines the skin. It is suitable for dry skin and skin exposed to daily stress. The pack promotes the regeneration of psychological powers, perfectly smooths and refines the skin. The duration of the entire application is 45 minutes.

790, - CZK

BIO milk cure
The package contains: carbonic acid bath with added milk and a nutritional pack made from milk.

You will be surprised how pleasant the applications are with the use of natural products made from goat's milk. Preparations from farms with the certificate of agricultural organic production under the Czech brand and of certified quality have a beneficial effect on atopic eczema, psoriasis and other disorders of the cutaneous protective barrier.

The milk bath additive is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, it rejuvenates considerably and protects the skin from harmful influences of the environment and at the same time evokes a feeling of inner harmony. The additive includes active ingredients that hydrate, regenerate and nourish the skin. The mild aroma of a fragrance from Provence completes the pleasant sensation.

Duration 45 minutes.

390, - CZK

BIO regeneration treatment
The package includes a carbonic acid bath with regenerating whey and a calming milk pack.

You will be surprised how pleasant the applications are using natural products made from goat whey. Preparations from farms with the certificate of agricultural organic production under the Czech brand and of certified quality have a beneficial effect on atopic eczema, psoriasis and other disorders of the cutaneous protective barrier.

The regenerating bath additive made from whey is suitable for all skin types, especially for eczematous, psoriatic and acneous skin. The additive includes active ingredients that regulate, hydrate and nourish the pH. The mild aroma of the lavender scent completes the pleasant sensation.

The soothing milk pack contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as phospholipids and ceramides, which prevent the skin from drying out.

Duration 45 minutes.

430, - CZK
Saltika standard
Saltika cave cure 45 minutes + carbonic bath + pack
330, - CZK

Saltika release
Saltika salt cave cure 45 minutes + aromatic partial body massage

295, - CZK

Saltika special
Cure Saltika Cave 45 minutes + partial body pack (back) with mud from the Dead Sea + carbonic acid bath with salt from the Dead Sea with diamond + pack

590, - CZK
AN EVENING FOR TWO (price for a couple)
a one-hour whirlpool stay for two people, dinner in the “Moravan” restaurant + a bottle of sparkling wine
1400, - CZK

A DAY FOR TWO (Price for a pair)
a partial body - “Dead Sea” mud pack, carbon dioxide bath + pack, a classic partial body massage, a two-hour entry to the wellness center including bathrobe rental, a non-alcoholic drink at the “wet bar”, a romantic lunch or dinner in the “Moravan” + restaurant dessert

2100, - CZK

Cure wellbeing with the scent of green tea(for couples)
Gentle massaging in of the massage oil, full body pack, full body massage 50 min., Concluding relaxation with the pack, aromatherapy, vitamin drink and small chocolate at the end. The procedure is carried out for 2 people at the same time. Before visiting the Polarium for the first time, there is a free health check-up. If you have any doubts about your state of health, we recommend purchasing a medical examination.

2200, - CZK


A special medical examination is necessary before entering the Polarium for the first time. With a whole body cold therapy, the organism is exposed to temperatures of around -120 ° C for 2-3 minutes in a special cabin. This is followed by 20-30 minutes of physical activity. The cold has an intense effect on the whole body, mobilizes and activates the organism, and has positive effects on the overall health of the client. Indication: Chronic inflammatory disease of the joints and the spine (rheumatism, collagenoses, Bechterev's disease), degenerative disease of the joints and the spine (artroses), pain emanating from the joint, connective tissue and muscle apparatus due to excessive workload, etc., psoriasis (Skin involvement, joint involvement), inflammatory (rheumatic), skin and soft tissue disease, treatment of post-traumatic and post-operative muscles, tendons and joints, supportive treatment for healing multiple sclerosis, mental depression, anxiety, stress, overwork, fatigue syndrome, cellulitis

Contraindications: Acute heart and circulatory diseases (myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, pulmonary embolism, myocardites) in the last 6 months, decompensated hypertension (long-term blood pressure over 150/95), arterial circulatory disorder III. and IV. stage (arteritis obliterans), allergy to cold, tumor diseases with the formation of cryoproteins, thromboflebitis (inflammation of the veins) of the deep venous system, conditions after peripheral embolism, terminal heart, lung and kidney disease, febrile infectious disease, purulent - gangrenous lesion of the lower Limbs - greater extent, severe anemia, claustrophobia, intoxication or intoxication (ebrietas), pregnancy, breastfeeding.

1 entry to the Polarium270, - CZK
1 entry for accommodated clients230, - CZK
10 and more entries2090, - CZK
Rental of a special suit60, - CZK
Buying the clothing (T-shirt, shorts, knee socks, gloves, headband, mouth towel)340, - CZK


The application includes a 5-10 minute ride on an exercise bike and a 30 minute walk on a treadmill in Vacushape. Mineral water is served with each application. The application leads to weight loss, activation of the metabolism and the lymphatic system, helps fight cellulite. A changing negative pressure sucks blood into the capillary beneath the skin. There it works like a transfer medium and transfers fat from the fat cells to muscles. During the application, the pulse frequency is the same as for aerobic exercises (fat energy consumption of 80% by fats). At least 10 applications are recommended, including a correct diet and lifestyle. CONTRAINDICATIONS: superficial or deep phlebitis, thrombosis - lower limbs in the last 6 months, heart attack or stroke in the last 6 months, lymphedema - lower limbs, liver, kidney and heart failure, all current inflammations, high blood pressure - decompensated, chronic Venous insufficiency, diabetes - drug treatment, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication or intoxication, weight over 120 kg.

1 entry190, - CZK
10 entries1450, - CZK
20 entries 2220, - CZK

Nordic walking

Nordic walking under the guidance of a trainer
Nordic walking or Scandinavian or Nordic walking is a suitable relaxation and regeneration activity for all ages. Even for people with certain mobility restrictions. Nordic walking makes walking easier and activates those parts of the body that remain relatively calm during normal walking. Nordic walking helps everyone in sedentary professions or those who suffer from back pain, stiff necks and problems with the spine.

175, - CZK
Rental of Nordic walking sticks20, - CZK

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping uses elastic bands (tape bandages) that are stuck to the skin and do not impair the size or mobility of the affected tissue. These bandages lift the skin slightly, creating space for blood and lymph circulation. At the same time, they have a pain-relieving effect. The blood and lymph movement causes pollutants to be removed and, conversely, the oxygen and nutrient supply is improved. This speeds up healing.

Kinesio taping is a gentle technique that can be used to promote muscle relaxation, joint stabilization and as an aid to correcting posture. It helps against back, muscle and joint pain, promotes regenerative processes and blood circulation. It is also useful to use it in problem areas before a sporting performance. It affects not only the muscles, but also internal organs. It can therefore also be used for menstrual pain. The tape dressings can come into contact with water; water does not impair their function.

one-time price (dressing consumption up to 30 cm)200, - CZK
Additional payment for the bandage (additional payment per cm)2, - CZK
repeated kinesio taping (dressing consumption up to 30 cm)110, - CZK

Manager FIT

An exclusive and regular care of outpatient clients, which offers a regular and systematic control of the state of health. The program is composed of medical examinations and consultations with specialists, the aim of which is to discover the risks of cardiovascular diseases, to observe changes in the state of health and to find the most suitable forms of prevention.

Manager FIT2395, - CZK
Biochemical blood test 
Initial medical examination 
echocardiographic examination 
breakfast buffet 
Initial medical examination 

Evaluation of the overall anamnesis by the specialist and advice on personal risk factors

Lunch (3 menus to choose from) 

The aforementioned examinations and consultations can be ordered at the Becva cardiorehabilitation center at least one week before the desired appointment. All examinations and consultations take place in one day, the examination begins at 7 a.m. on an empty stomach. The evaluation and medical consultation will take place from 1 p.m. Recommended frequency: once a year, or as recommended by the doctor.

Quit smoking

Application Bicom 2000 helps to reduce cigarette addiction on the basis of the bioresonance principle. Weaning consists of 2 parts - first a 30-minute conversation with the doctor at the counseling center, then the application with the BICOM 2000 device (application takes 20 minutes) and a final discussion with the therapist. Please do not drink coffee on the day of application, bring your own cigarette butt to wean it off. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pregnancy

Outpatient treatment
Outpatient treatment includes: initial medical examination (smoking cessation), 1x application with the BICOM 2000 device, 1x medical consultation (advice center for smoking cessation)
1340, - CZK

Further medical advice (Advice center for quitting smoking)

310, - CZK
Program the chip 300 CZK
Treatment for clients with complex care
The cure includes: 1x application of BICOM 2000, 1x medical advice (advice center for quitting smoking).
1030, - CZK

The price list is valid from January 1st, 2010. We reserve the right to change prices. Version: 01.03.11