What is microfiber leather

Microfiber leather

What is microfiber leather?

The terms "microfiber leather", "microfiber leather" and "microfiber leather" appear more frequently on the Internet. The term is used for several reasons. This is not leather, but synthetic leather or microfiber fabrics.

  • Google optimization: Some providers use the term in the search bar to induce Google to redirect searchers who are actually looking for leather products to their website. The term does not appear in the actual content of the page. Due to the standards for leather labeling, the use of the term "microfiber leather" when describing an object that is not leather is to be classified as inadmissible. Attempts are made to get around this by not referring to imitation leather as "microfiber leather" in the actual text.

The endeavors of suppliers of artificial leather and other leather substitutes are great to somehow link the material identification with the word leather without mentioning the word artificial leather. On the one hand, you don't want your product to appear inferior, and you want to lure the search engines on the Internet to your own site, even if no leather is offered. The term microfiber leather is just one of infinitely different replacement terms for the term artificial leather.

The cleaning and care of microfiber leather

Since microfiber leather does not have a clear definition, the material can look like smooth leather or like Alcantara. If it is like smooth leather, the care instructions for synthetic leather apply. If it is like a fabric or suede, the care instructions for Alcantara apply.

additional Information

Instructions for cleaning and caring for artificial leather and Alcantara

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