How do I write a sales plan


If you plan to add headcounts, include the number of employees, their job titles, and when you plan to bring them onto the team.

Target market

Whether you're writing your first sales plan or your fifteenth, knowing your target audience is critical. What do your best customers look like? Do they all belong to a certain industry? Exceed a certain size? Struggle with the same challenge?

Keep in mind that you may have different buyer personalities for different products., For example, HubSpot sellers might primarily sell marketing software to CMOs and sales software to sales managers.

This section of your sales plan can also change dramatically over time as your solution and strategy evolve and you find a solution that is product-market-driven. At the very beginning, when your product was in its infancy and your prices were low, you may have found success selling to startups. Now that the product is much more robust and you've raised the price, midsize businesses are likely a better fit. That is why it is important to consistently review and update your personas.,

Tools, software and resources

You should also include a description of your resources. What CRM software do you plan to use? Do you have a budget for sales contests and incentives?

This is where you determine which tools your salespeople should use to be successful in their jobs (e.g. training, documentation, sales authorization tools, etc.).


Name your competitors now. Explain how your products compare, where theirs are stronger than yours and vice versa. They also discuss their prices compared to yours.,

You should also discuss market trends. If you are a SaaS company, keep in mind that vertical specific software is becoming increasingly popular. If you're selling ads, mention the rise in programmatic mobile advertising. Try to predict how these changes will affect your business.

Marketing strategy

In this section, describe your prices and any promotions that you would like to take. What important steps will you take to increase brand awareness and generate leads? Notice the impact on sales.

Here is a bogus version:

  • Product A: Price increased from $ 40 to $ 45 on Feb. 2 (2% reduction in monthly sales)
  • Product B: Free upgrade if you join another customer from Jan. 1-20 (20% increase in monthly sales)
  • Product C: Price decreased from $ 430 to $ 400 on March 1st (15% increase in monthly sales)
  • Product D: No change

Prospecting Strategy

How does your sales team qualify the leads generated by your marketing strategy? Make sure to include the criteria prospects should meet before sales reps contact you.

And identify which inbound and outbound sales methods your team will use to close more deals.,

Action plan

Once you have outlined where you want to go, you need to figure out how to get there. This section summarizes your game plan to meet your sales goals.

Here are some examples:

Goal 1: Increase Referral Rates by 30% This Quarter

  • Conduct a three-day workshop on recommendation techniques
  • Hold a referral sales contest
  • Increase referral sales commission by 5%

2. Goal: Acquisition of 20 company logos

  • Identify 100 potential leads and assign a Tiger team to each
  • Host two executive-level events
  • Give the first team a bonus to win three logos


Most sales targets are based on sales. For example, you can set an overall goal of $ 10 million for annual recurring income (ARR).

Alternatively, you can set a volume target. That could be 100 new customers or 450 sales. Make sure your goal is realistic, otherwise your entire sales plan will be largely useless.,

Take into account the price of your product, total addressable market (TAM), market penetration, and resources (including your sales and marketing support).

Your goal should also be closely tied to your high-level business goals; To give you an idea when the company is trying to move the market, your goal might be to “Acquire 20 Company Logos” rather than “Sell X in New Business” (because the former will encourage you to just hunt down deals rather than relying on them) the right kind of customer).

Of course, you likely have more than one goal. Identify the most important and prioritize the rest.

When you have territories, assign a sub-goal to each. This will make it easier to identify over and under performers.

Lay out your timeline too. Regular benchmarks ensure that you know if you are on the right track, ahead or behind in achieving your goals.

For example, let's say your sales target for the first quarter of the year is selling $ 30,000. Based on last year's performance, you know January and February sales are slower than March.,

With that in mind, your timeline is:

  • January: $ 8,000
  • February: $ 8,000
  • March: $ 14,000

If necessary, you should also write in the DRIs (persons directly responsible). For example, maybe Rep Carol's January odds are $ 5,000. Rep Shane, still battered, has $ 3,000 monthly quota. On a smaller team, this exercise helps people fail to replicate each other's work - and shift the blame if the goals aren't met.


Describe the costs involved in meeting your sales goals., These usually include:

  • Payment (salary and commission)
  • Sales training
  • Sales tools and resources
  • Competition prizes
  • Team bonding activities
  • Traveling expenses
  • Food

Compare the sales plan budget with your sales forecast for accurate budgeting.

Examples of strategic sales plans

If you need more inspiration, check out these sales plan examples.

HubSpot sales plan template

We created a sales plan template that outlines the key elements of a sales plan., This template walks you through each of the steps to write your own sales plan.

Image source

Sample sales plan from BestTemplates

Organizing your strategies and goals with a sales plan makes it easier for you and your sales team to stick to the goals you set. This template is 9 pages long with an Objectives section before breaking it down into more specific areas such as Demand Generation, Implementation, and Measurement and Assessment. This offers many opportunities to create a concrete action plan.,

Image source

Asana sales plan

If you're using Asana project management software, this template is for you. Include this template where your team works and communicates to align everyone with your sales strategy. You can see the progress of all tasks on the way to your goals in real time.

Image source

1-page sales plan from BestTemplates

A sales plan doesn't have to be hundreds of pages in length, Try consolidating your sales plan into one or two pages. This template is a great example of making it short and cute. In landscape format, this strategic sales plan includes channel, expected costs and revenue, sales strategy, and key performance indicators in an easy-to-read grid layout.

Image source

Online Sales Plan Maker Map by Venngage

Pick a design that suits your needs and create your sales plan using Venngage's user interface, which includes custom diagrams, stock photos and illustrations., You have a range of visually interesting options, all available in a single tool.

Image source

Small Business Sales Plan from FitSmallBusiness

If you run a small business, you might not have a fully stacked sales team yet. Create a strong sales strategy for your business that future employees can build on using this template. Sometimes simpler is better so this plan is based on several standard sections to create your plan, with fields that can be easily filled in using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.,

Image source

Sales strategy diagram from Creately

If you're more of a visual person, creating a diagram for your sales strategy can be helpful. Use Creately to create a compelling sales strategy that breaks down promotion items and values ​​by category.

Image source

Sales Action Plan Best Templates

Immerse yourself in the details of your sales strategy with sales action plan., With a minimalist but very clean layout, this sales action plan focuses on the more specific elements needed to achieve your sales goals such as positioning and strategic direction. It's 8 pages long and fully customizable in Word or Pages.

Image source

30-60-90 day sales plan from Template.Net

Adjust your sales plan to set short and long term goals. This sales plan does some of the work for you by outlining tasks related to your sales goals., You can select check boxes as you finalize each item that is provided to ensure you are creating a solid sales strategy.

Image source

Microsoft Word Sales Plan Template from TemplateLab

This template breaks goals down into action items, helps you think about how to assign responsibility, and gets you to commit to specific dates. The best part is that it is multi-goal focused so that you can get a bird's eye view of multiple initiatives that you can put together.

Image source

Template.Net 90 day sales plan

Take a look at your sales strategies for the next 90 days using this sample sales plan. This document will help you break down your sales plan into phases, tasks, and key questions related to your sales goals. The final section is a mind map for your sales process and pipeline strategies.

Image source

There's no one-size-fits-all sales plan., The only wrong way to use a sales plan is to write it down at the beginning of the year or quarter and never touch it again; You should check it regularly, and even update it, over time to make sure you are focused and on track.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in December 2019 and has been extensively updated.