May Jason Voorhees Die

Jason slaughters in the Friday the 13th reboot

The machete man slaughters his way through the next high school clique who haven't heard of the legend of Crystal Lake or who don't take it for granted. A return to the fateful camp from Friday the 13th awaits us in a reboot.

As long as Jason doesn't die, his franchise won't die either. And Jason Voorhees can't die. He was burned, mutilated, drowned or drowned in toxic waste and stabbed. Nine actors played the silent butcher in twelve Friday-the-13th films. On top of that. Now Friday the 13th will be the 13th film, as we learned last year. It's kind of like a very special anniversary.

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As The Wrap now reports, David Bruckner will direct. He was already active in the genre with V / H / S and The Signal. To produce N / A and Andrew Form. A cast is not yet known. Most of the time, the cast of such teen slashers consists of soap and sitcom actors, at most with a little experience in the same genre, i.e. being hunted down and stabbed. They don't cost a lot, don't want a lot. Last Friday the 13th consumed a budget of $ 19 million with just under $ 90 million in sales worldwide.

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The next part of the franchise will now be even cheaper if it’s up to Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes. However, this only works in found footage mode, in which Friday the 13th is to be shot, at least that's what The Playlist writes. It should be shaky and realistic, and inexpensive. Usually one of the protagonists then shoots the entire film with a handheld camera. Look forward to the weird excuses why he doesn't want to let go of the device while his friends are gradually being massacred. At least ingenuity is required.

Incidentally, the neverending story began 34 years ago. 1980 started on Friday the 13th, with Kevin Bacon in a supporting role. 35 years later, the next film is coming to American cinemas on March 13, 2015, a Friday of course.

Is Jason Voorhees getting on well or are you looking forward to the reboot?