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Criminal defense for the allegation of murder, bodily harm resulting in death, manslaughter and other serious offenses

Nationwide criminal defense possible depending on the interests of lawyer Fathieh in the respective case.

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Lawyer Kian Fathieh was a lecturer at the Law Faculty of Heidelberg University in the 2007 summer semester and 2007/2008 winter semester. In addition, he was an academic assistant with teaching duties at the Law Faculty of Heidelberg University.

Since January 1st, 2009, so since now twelve years and four months, the office is in an even more central location in the university town of Heidelberg, near Heidelberg's Bismarckplatz and Adenauerplatz and no longer in Heidelberg's Weststadt as it used to be. Across from the office is the Carré.

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A criminal defense in the case of murder, bodily harm resulting in death, manslaughter and other capital crimes is not only possible at the office in Heidelberg, but also in Mannheim, Mosbach, Frankenthal, Darmstadt, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.

Rapid reaction (application for permission to visit and detention visit) and appointment allocation in the case of allegations of murder, bodily harm resulting in death and manslaughter.

In § 74 paragraph 2 of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG) criminal offenses are named, which are also known as so-called Capital offenses or capital crimes are designated. The capital offenses include murder (Section 211 StGB), manslaughter (Section 212 StGB), bodily harm resulting in death (Section 227 StGB) and robbery resulting in death (251 StGB). Offenses that are listed in Section 74 (2) of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG) mean that, among other things, a criminal chamber of the regional court as a jury court has jurisdiction in the first instance for the hearing after the prosecution has been admitted to the main hearing in Germany. There are exceptions to this in Section 120 (2) of the GVG, among other things, if, for example, the Federal Public Prosecutor takes on the prosecution of the acts described in Section 71a (1) of the GVG due to the special significance of the case in accordance with Section 74a (2) of the GVG.

In which Jury court it is a large criminal chamber of the regional court, which is responsible in the first instance and which is manned according to § 76 paragraph 1 GVG with three professional judges including the presiding judge and two lay judges (so-called honorary judges).

In some cases, crimes that are not referred to in Section 74 (2) of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG) are now colloquially referred to as capital criminal cases.

Lawyer Fathieh will also defend you if you are accused of negligent homicide in accordance with Section 222 StGB, which is not a so-called capital offense. The negligent homicide is threatened with imprisonment for up to five years in § 222 StGB.

The distinction between murder (§ 211 StGB) and manslaughter (§ 212 StGB) can be difficult in individual cases, but it is important for the sentence. There are so-called perpetrator-related features of murder (1st and 3rd group of Section 211 (2) StGB) and crime-related features of murder (2nd group of Section 211 (2) StGB). The murder trait of treachery, for example, is one of the crime-related traits of murder. The perpetrator-related murder traits include, for example, the murder trait of greed and the murder trait for other low motives.

About the sentence: In Section 211 (1) of the Criminal Code, the legislature orders that the murderer is punished with life imprisonment. In contrast, Section 212 (1) of the Criminal Code stipulates that manslaughter is not punishable by imprisonment for less than five years. Only in a particularly serious case is manslaughter to be recognized as a life sentence. In the case of the so-called less serious case of manslaughter, which is threatened with punishment in Section 213 of the Criminal Code, the legislature has provided a sentence of one year to ten years imprisonment.

If your relative has been arrested, lawyer Fathieh will quickly apply for a visit permit and, if you wish, quickly visit your relative in custody.

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