What did Elvis eat

The strange menu of the "King"

A journalist from Salon.com wanted to know before the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death: How did the man feed himself who turned millions of girls' heads with his hip swing before the love handles later oozed out of his white leather suit.

Robert Sietsema left no serious source unused: from a BBC documentary to official biographies to interviews with companions of the alleged "King of Rock'n 'Roll". And not to forget: he dared to try it on himself.

The perverted sandwich
Presley's favorite dish is a sandwich that makes the average European feel hungry if you mention the ingredients: peanut butter and bananas. The sumptuous snack is better than its reputation, at least Sietsema says:

"To my surprise, it tastes delicious, with the salty peanut butter that neutralizes the sweetness of the banana. Even the sticky texture is great." And with 486 calories, the snack isn't quite as sinful as a Big Mac with 495 calories.

One of the causes of death
Presley's long-time chef Pauline Nicholson is likely to have invented the sandwich. She was also one of the last people to see him alive on the day of his death, August 16, 1977.

In addition to the rampant consumption of stimulants and sedatives, fatty food is cited as a central factor in the idol's early death.

"Only the food gave him pleasure"
Nicholson wasn't Presley's only cook, after all, after all, the kitchen had to be ready 24 hours for the male diva to ask for food. Mary Jenkins even gave Elvis a house as a gift, he loved her dishes so much.

She became known with the quote: "The only thing that gave him joy in his life was the food". She named roast beef, stuffed duck and gravy potatoes as his favorite foods. His fondness for pasta salad and fried bacon is known from other sources.

Jenkins reported something else: Presley always had his meat cut into ready-to-eat bites.

Presley's favorite eateries
The King's favorite eateries were a simple barbecue highway restaurant and an equally unspectacular Greek eatery that mainly sold pizza and sandwiches. Spare ribs and the like were ordered in the "Bar-B-Que", the Greeks preferred cheeseburgers.

Salon.com quotes Elvis historian Paul Denton as saying, "In his 20s, Elvis told Country Song Roundup magazine he could eat eight deluxe cheeseburgers, two bacon sandwiches, and three milkshakes - in a single visit to the place."

Little Elvis ate squirrels too
At that time, Presley was still slim - far from his later well over 100 kilos. Obviously, the fat doesn't work as well if you don't eat uppers and downers as well.

Presley's cravings and strange cravings could be explained by childhood in rural Mississippi. There were often small animal dishes on the table - with the meat of rabbits, squirrels or possums.

There were also offal such as tripe and pig's feet and ears. Little Elvis is supposed to have eaten all of that.

What Presley hated
But there was also food that Elvis couldn't stand for death. His cook Mary Jenkins reports: "Elvis didn't like fish or seafood. He didn't allow us to cook anything like that when he was in the house."

Presley's Diets
Despite his late escapades, it cannot be said that Presley never knew discipline, as his former bodyguard Sonny West reports in the German "Tagesspiegel":

"For example, when it came to his weight. Most people remember Elvis in his later years as overweight. But the truth is: Before his films and the big TV appearances, Elvis always lost weight. He had to because screens were so wide. These diets were tough, the worst had me and his other friends going through it. I lost 22 pounds. "