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An often hopeless process for debut authors

If you have been wanting to publish a book for a long time, you may already know it: Authors who want to present their manuscript to a classic publisher must design the manuscript according to precise, sometimes publisher-specific specifications: a certain standard font , 30 lines of 60 characters on each page, indented paragraphs, left-aligned text, no word separations, etc.

The professional design of a manuscript is not the ultimate, but still an important component in the overall picture that the author gives to the publisher. But no matter how good a manuscript may be in terms of content or layout: In reality, it is almost impossible for unknown authors to end up with a classic publisher straight away. Popular publishers such as Random House, S. Fischer, Rowohlt or Ullstein receive thousands of unsolicited manuscripts per year - as a rule, however, none of them is ever published. According to a survey that tredition once carried out with classic publishers, viewing the countless manuscripts is impossible for the time being. Instead, publishers tend to rely on new publications from regular authors or the purchase of expensive but promising licenses from abroad.

Debut authors who nevertheless manage to arouse the interest of a publisher are often confronted with long waiting times for their book to appear. Or you have to make big compromises in the layout, content and size of your books, depending on the editing requirements and marketing ideas of the publisher.