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Hello GF Community,

so what's up There is a game that I played as a child (it is therefore many years old), the name is not familiar to me, but the style of play, a few levels, the music (melody and instrument) and that it was on an old Macintosh computer can work.

A spaceship is steered by you (you can also play with two people, I know it), it belongs to the "Shoot em up" genre, but you can't just drive left and right, as with Space Invaders, but also back and forth, yes you cannot turn the spaceship, it remains oriented 90 ° forward.

Enemy spaceships come towards you, if you shoot them down there are green "firecrackers" that regenerate your health and make a healing sound when you collect them. The background music played by a piano, which is played very relaxed, changes as soon as you meet the "bad" M rocket, then the melody changes as if something really bad was happening (well, boss music, who would have thought that ^ ^).

In addition to the "bad", M rocket, there is a "bad", M spaceship, which you also have to defeat. As soon as you have done that, the path is over for you. A text (which I don't remember, it was in English) appears, the only thing you can click in this text window is "Argh!", And as soon as you have done that your spaceship explodes, you are dead and found you guys in the main menu again.

I take off my hat (or cap, as the case may be) to whoever manages to call me this game. It's very old, very unknown, and yet good.

As always, I would be very grateful for any helpful answer!

Kind regards Dhalwim,