Is it bad to have dry skin?

Dry skin can have many causes

Various things can help against dry skin. A healthy lifestyle is good for the immune system and therefore also for the skin. Sufficient fluid supports the moisture on the body surface. Avoid stress if possible and protect your skin from irritating substances that can be found in cleaning products, for example. A moisturizing cream (e.g. Hybrid Cosmetic) is good for the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Red Beauty Light can also counteract the drying out of the skin. In the meantime it has even been scientifically proven that the light applications smooth the skin over the long term and even reduce wrinkles. The Beauty Light works deep in the skin, making the skin smooth and feeling like it has been freshly applied. It is ideal if you combine the Beauty Light application with high-quality care products to optimally support your skin. Particularly effective here are z. B. "Sheet Masks", which supply the skin with high-quality active ingredients and moisture.

If you want to use sunlight and the Beauty Light at the same time, we recommend solariums with hybrid technology that combine both. The combination ensures that your skin does not stretch and dry out after sunbathing. Special care products, such as B. the Hybrid Cosmetic can be used before and after tanning and supply your skin with valuable active ingredients. We hope you enjoy sunbathing!