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How can I order online in the US?

1. A new iPhone, the latest e-book reader from Amazon or trendy clothes - many top products only appear in the USA before they are available from us. Or they don't even come onto the market in Germany.

If you are lucky, you can order the goods online in the US. But often enough it also says: “No shipping abroad possible.” No way global shopping! Then only acquaintances and relatives in the United States can help - or one of the new shopping services on the Internet. Companies such as Bonvu (bonvu.com/de), Shipito (de.shipito.com), MyUS.com (myus.com/de) or Bongo (bongous.com/de) accept the products for you with a US address and then send to Germany. These providers, who are reputable and reliable, take care of packaging, shipping and customs. This is how you can get your dream products from the USA and often also save money. You have to be careful: In addition to the online prices on US websites, there are also local taxes (up to 10 percent), customs (usually 17.5 percent) and shipping. Calculate carefully whether the purchase is worthwhile - especially since you often also need a German power supply for electrical items. How does the shopping service work? First, log on to the shopping service's website - the major providers all have German pages. If you then buy in a US online shop that does not deliver to Germany, or on Ebay USA, enter the shopping service in the USA as the delivery address, for example Bonvu. This is where your products will end up and will be sent to them before they are shipped Germany even packaged smaller and cheaper if required. And if you buy goods from several shops, everything is put into one package. Another offer: If you want to be sure that you have bought correctly, have your products photographed before sending them to Germany USA back. You can pay for your purchase as usual in the online shop. If your German credit card address is not accepted there, the purchasing services offer alternative payment methods. Incidentally, you often have to inform your credit card company that the US delivery address from your order should be accepted. There are very different tariff models - from subscription service, if you want to shop more often in the USA, to package prices. Usually 8 to 9 dollars (6 to 6.75 euros) per package plus postage, for example with Bonvu and Shipito. Other providers such as MyUS.com charge between 5 and 10 percent of the purchase price of the goods.

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