Difficulty learning English

Learning English becomes difficult


He will probably have to learn vocabulary. There is no other way to learn a foreign language. Better to do a few every day and ask questions every evening. I learn my grammar and understanding by often speaking English with my sons. Due to my job, I am also fluent in it. If you are reasonably proficient in the English language, try out how it works to communicate with him in English. Then only use sentences where you have a good command of the sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. My friend tried this with her son and spoke to him using the wrong sentence structure and the wrong tense. The shot then backfired. So you should already know the difference between simple present, present progressive, simple past, past participle, past perfect, will future and going to future. Otherwise he will get used to wrong phrases.


Then you shouldn't translate songs that are sometimes written in creepy grammar and spelling.
It was important to me with my children, as with my granddaughter, to arouse a little fun and interest in the language, whereby I always told them that they had to learn the perfect grammar in school, which is only "without guarantee" for me. Although I am very well versed in English, military English and decades of contact with Americans unfortunately no longer have much to do with perfect school English.
Still, my granddaughter has a lot of fun talking to me in English. She learns a lot of vocabulary - and perfect grammar etc. in school. (Well perfect ... the teacher recently wrote family with i on the blackboard at the end )
LG Moni