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astrology The tricks of the astrologers


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It's amazing how much correct an astrologer can read from a horoscope: current living conditions, special abilities, even secret thoughts. Paranormal? Rather extremely skillful ...

Status: 11/27/2019

Astrologers do not only rely on the detailed drawing for their interpretation: experience, sensitivity and the wearer of the horoscope themselves help them. Various methods ensure that in the end the person actually gets to hear a lot that applies about himself.

Aren't we all a little ...?

Orderly - typical for a Virgo or is it also for you?

Phineas Taylor Barnum, an American ringmaster, once boasted that his program was so varied that there was something for everyone. Astrologers also take advantage of this: They make statements that somehow suit everyone. Who is not independent, flexible and open, but sometimes also closed? Who doesn't try to get up quickly after a low blow? And I'm sure you too are misunderstood at times. Exactly? Exactly! Tests show that common places are not exposed as such, but are rated as correct. This fact is known as the Barnum Effect.

Show me who you are and I'll tell you how you are

"You tend to be introverted and shy; values ​​are important to you."

Of course, astrologers also try to score with more precise statements. They have an important source of information for this: the customers themselves. Shrewd astrologers make their way through studies and surveys and observe the customers present closely: How is he built, what is he wearing, how does he behave, how does he speak, what can be said close his glasses? Now all that has to be done is to awaken his trust so that he can reveal something about his life. Combine, combine - and the customer hears what he wants to hear.

And are you not willing ...

Our brain works primarily economically.

Our brains are not responsible for hearing what is appropriate either: it stores new information - in a very economical way - initially as "true", and is only relabeled when necessary. And because it doesn't matter how you are Not is, what is inapplicable is simply ignored or overlooked from the outset - and is definitely not stored permanently. Our upper room can also be influenced: Repeating it several times will not make wrong facts more correct, but could there be something to it after all?

I think so I am ... what I am supposed to be

"You should be extra careful over the next few days."

Almost everyone knows their zodiac sign and its typical characteristics. Many then actually behave accordingly - or at least believe that they are. Of course, they then also recognize themselves in the astrological descriptions. And if one really firmly believes in the predictions, something completely different can also happen: A "calamity can threaten around the middle of the month" can make the horoscope wearer so unsettled that he actually hits the bumper of the person in front when he is unable to concentrate. Lo and behold - the astrologer already knew it beforehand.