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The legend of Beowulf


Beowulf (Ray Winstone) must protect King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) and his Vikings from the evil demon Grendel (Crispin Glover) and his mother (Angelina Jolie). Action-packed heroic epic with star cast as computer animation.

The legend of Beowulf begins with a boozy binge in the old Danish kingdom. It is celebrated and, above all, a lot of mead is drunk, nobody here is in their right mind. Only unferth (John Malkovich), who is always at the side of King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) is liable, seems to be able to think clearly. Suddenly the dog senses something in front of the king's throne and gets nervous, but nobody notices it except Unferth, who looks critically in the direction of the entrance to the great hall. None of the other Vikings notice anything until the huge wooden door slams open with a loud bang. A strange looking creature comes through the door, the first men take up their weapons and storm towards the stranger. However, the attempts of the warriors fail and a battle begins in which one drunken Viking is executed after another. The king, who can barely stand upright, then demands a duel when the unknown being stands across from him. Obviously, however, it cannot attack the king and suddenly it disappears again, back to a cave in the mountain near the village.

The next morning the residents of the village are all horrified. The king knows that the stranger is an evil demon that his men cannot defeat. So he sends out a cry for help to find a hero to fight against evil. This is quickly identified. Beowulf approaches over the stormy sea (Ray Winstone) approached with his warriors. After a great reception in the King's Hall and another binge drinking, the demon comes back that night. Although the creature has already arrived, Beowulf seems to be quite relaxed and lies on the floor in the middle of the hall - without his protective equipment, which he has completely taken off in front of the pretty young queen. Obviously the being is not further impressed by the naked body of the hero and the fight begins. But surprisingly Beowulf takes the lead in the fight and the demon tries to flee. But the warriors manage to jam him in the door. The creature reaches its cave only badly injured and dies there a short time later.

There is a lot of celebration in the Königsdorf and everyone is happy again and drinking to the hero Beowulf and his warriors. However, no one suspects of the new danger: The mother of the evil demon is still living in the cave and vengeance is not long in coming

Robert Zemeckis shows with "Beowulf" a story created by heroic sagas about a powerful hero who shines through strength and elegance and perfect appearance. All warriors look athletic. Of course you can be the mother of the demon Grendel, the beautiful one Angelina Jolie, highlight here, which looks almost unbelievably perfect. The whole thing comes about, of course, by editing the entire strip on the computer. This process certainly makes sense for the demon, but the film could undoubtedly have done without this effect, which turns the whole strip into a kind of animated film. Technically, "Beowulf" is definitely top, the actors' faces look very real.

The story of the film is equipped with some good fight scenes, including a well-designed dragon, and offers plenty of action. In the meantime there are unfortunately a few shorter lengths with dialogues, but they are not of great importance. The length of the film is well done and finally the ending leaves a continuation of the story open.

The famous stars from Hollywood, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich and Angelina Jolie are put in the background by the digitization of the film, because they just don't look like they do in a real film. Nevertheless, the film can be used for an evening at the cinema with action and excitement.

  • Director Robert Zemeckis, who received the Oscar for the film Forrest Gump in 1995, gained early experience with technically mature films. Because with the three parts of "Back to the Future" began Zemeckis to work with computer effects as early as the 80s. These experiences certainly helped him here.
  • By the way, there was already a film called "Beowulf and Grendel" in 2005, which had the same theme, but only enjoyed moderate success on the screen. You can find more information about this strip below under the links!
  • "The Legend of Beowulf" is an epic film based on a centuries-old Anglo-Saxon heroic poem. Something similar happened in the epic film Pact of Wolves, which also dealt with a monster that was once up to mischief in the French province and was hunted down by possible heroes.
  • "The Legende von Beowulf" impresses with its animated manner and even suggests battle films like 300 from the use of these. However, both strips have one thing in common: They are both based on centuries-old transmissions (if the strip about the Spartans is also based on a comic book judges, this is based on the battles of the warriors of that time). You can find more information about the legend of "Beowulf" at the links below!

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Original title:
German cinema release on:
Fantasy / action
Robert Zemeckis
approx. 114 minutes
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released from 12
Allowed with parents from the age of six
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Frank (74%)
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actorVoice actor
Ray WinstoneErich Rauker
Anthony HopkinsJoachim Kerzel
John MalkovichJoachim Tennstedt

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