How do YouTube views work


YouTube is the world's largest and best-known video platform. Users can upload and publish videos on the platform. Youtube also offers a wide range of options for online marketing. For capital goods manufacturers in particular, who have videos on the functionality of their machines, YouTube is an important channel for gaining a lot of reach. Via Youtube you get daily information about new trends in the world. (P)

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Youtube channel

Every user and company can create a YouTube channel.
Key points of the canal are:

  • structure
  • Topicality
  • Multi-valued descriptions
  • Link to homepage


Youtube videos should still contain a description to increase the chance of being found via search. You can then refer to other videos within the videos.

What YouTubers need to know legally - Part 1 - Copyright, WBS law firm


It is also possible to place advertisements on YouTube. If videos are longer than 10 minutes, several advertisements can be placed in the video.


How exactly YouTube counts video views is not fully known. It is estimated that calls are only counted after approx. 3-9 seconds, some suspect only after 30 seconds.
YouTube counts up to 300 views without a check. At 300 views, the counter is frozen and YouTube uses certain algorithms to check whether the views are genuine and not manipulated: e.g. a user view is only counted once in a certain time window, i.e. watching the video several times in a row does not increase the number of views.

If YouTube videos are embedded on external pages, the views count as well.