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15 beautiful cities in Europe

Where do you want to go next? We have a good one Load of inspiration for the next city trip to you! Today we introduce you to 15 beautiful cities in Europe. We have deliberately avoided the classics of London, Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

Perfect for just a weekend or even a week. Look what we discovered for you.

15 beautiful cities in Europe


Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales and currently one of the most exciting metropolises in Great Britain!

It was recently voted third among the best cities to live in Europe. With the maritime location, many cultural offers and beautiful parks Cardiff is a great destination for a city break.

Cardiff is also a great base from which to explore the beautiful landscapes of Wales.


Zurich has everything a vacationer's heart desires. With its location on Lake Zurich and the Limmat River that flows through the city, there are many options for water sports or a refreshing swim in both the river and the lake. Surrounded by the Uetliberg and the Zürichberg, you can quickly go up high here hike and enjoy the view of the area, too Mountain bikers get their money's worth on the corresponding trails.

And if that's not high enough for you ... the Alps are not far away. In addition, Zurich has a beautiful Old town, there are many nice cafes and very good restaurants. Museums and galleries make the heart of art lovers beat faster and that nightlife offers a varied program for dancers and night owls.


Manchester, the city of the industrial revolution, is developing into one of the most interesting metropolises in England in the 21st century. It is not without reason that Lonely Planet chose Manchester 8th on its “Best in Travel 2016” list.

With the Manchester International Festival, the Withworth Art Gallery and HOMEthe city is currently providing incredibly exciting impulses in the cultural landscape. And the surrounding area is also worth visiting with an excursion.

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Granada located in Andalusia in the south of Spain in the Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range on the Iberian Peninsula. The beautiful medieval castle complex is located on the Sabikah hill in the city Alhambra. The name Alhambra and the construction of the city castle can be traced back to the Moorish settlement of the region. The Alhambra has been part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. The Alhambra is one of the most beautiful monuments in Europe.

The influences of the Moors, and thus also of Islamic art, can be found throughout the city. The mountainous landscape around Granada is inviting Excursions and walks a.

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Bruges is a picturesque town with an enchanting old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site World Heritage was appointed. In 2002 the Belgian city was even in West Flanders European Capital of Culture.

Thanks to its historic streets, which were spared from wars and great fires in the past, you quickly feel at home here medieval scenery offset. Bruges is particularly beautiful in spring and winter.


Dubrovnik, located in the very south of Croatia, is often called "Pearl of the Adriatic“Means - whoever has been there knows exactly why. The beautiful Old town with its narrow streets, which is protected by an impressive fortress wall, has been part of the city since 1979 UNESCO World cultural heritage and is particularly beautiful to look at in the ensemble with the offshore islands and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

It is not without reason that Dubrovnik is used again and again as a film set, for example for the worldwide hit series game of Thrones! For series fans there are even guided tours to the original locations 🙂


Reykjavik is not only the capital of Iceland, but also the northernmost capital in the world. That is why we recommend a trip in the summer months, when it is light here for a particularly long time Northern lights want to experience live, for whom the dark winter months are the right travel time. Although only a little over 120,000 people live here, there are many here Museumswhere you can learn about Icelandic culture and contemporary art.

An absolute must is a relaxing bath in the famous Blue lagoon. And while you're here, you should plan enough time to do the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland to discover with its many waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers!

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Florence is the capital of Tuscany and above all makes the hearts of those interested in art and history beat faster. The important importance of the city in the past as the cradle of the Renaissence can be discovered on almost every corner and walk in the footsteps of the Medici, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galileo.

The historic city center is of course also part of UNESCO World heritage. An absolute must, not only for Italy fans!


The Polish city Danzig is right on the Baltic Sea and is currently one of the most interesting cities in Poland. The Port city (and former Hanseatic city) is waiting with you beautiful architecture and Baltic charm on.

Gdansk is also University City, and the approximately 60,000 students ensure a lively Cultural scene.

The location directly on the Baltic Sea also offers the opportunity for a refreshing swim in the sea and relaxing hours at one of the beautiful in summer beaches around the city.


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is only around 50 kilometers from Vienna. Located on both banks of the Danube there is a lot to discover in the not only economic and political but also cultural center of Slovakia.

Exciting architecture - of historic buildings such as the city's landmark, the Bratislava Castle, to new designs such as the new building of the Slovak National Theater - reflects an interesting mix of the past and the modern of the city. Thanks to its location on the Danube and the foot of the Little Carpathians there are also many parks and forests in Bratislava that invite you to relax.


The Irish capital is on the east coast at the mouth of the Liffeywhich also runs through the middle of the city and strongly shapes the image of the city through the many bridges that cross it. Even if Dublin tends to be one of the smaller European capitals, it can easily keep up with the big ones in terms of cosmopolitanism. The quarter Temple Bar offers a lot of culture and a varied nightlife.

The main attractions include The Spire, the Ha'penny Bridge and the beautiful old library of the Trinity College with the impressive Long Room. And of course you shouldn't forget to visit one of the quaint pubs Guinness to drink 😉 If you like nature, you should plan time for excursions into the beautiful surroundings of Dublin - for example to the Wicklow Mountains or for Malahide Castle.


We are so in love with Portugal! However, if you think of a city trip to Portugal, you usually only have Lisbon in mind. But a visit to the beautiful city further north postage is at least as worthwhile, if not more! The city is much more dreamy, it has so much charm. Porto has a long history as one of the oldest cities in Europe, and the colorful houses the old Town Ribeira on the banks of the Douro are just wonderful to look at.

The historical center is also part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. In the evening there is nothing better than to sit down in one of the small restaurants that delicious fish dishes to enjoy, maybe one later too port wine to try and that Fado to listen to, which is more at home in Lisbon, but is also very popular in Porto.


Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but also an exciting destination for a city break. The city divides on the banks of the Danube in two parts and it is not for nothing that the "Pearl of the Danube" called.

Budapest is famous above all for its many Thermal baths, here you can enjoy relaxing baths in beautiful architecture. These are further highlights Castle District, the Margaret Island, the houses of Parliament, the Chain bridge, the size Market hall and the Ruin bars.

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Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg and the center of the southern Swedish province Skåne. At the Oresund Located across from Copenhagen and connected to the Danish capital by the Öresund Bridge, Malmö is a lively metropolis that has a lot to offer.

From the most modern architecture to historical sights, many trendy ones Bars, cafes and restaurants, beautiful Boutiques and shopping opportunities to an interesting cultural scene and, thanks to its location on the water, many Beachesthat invite you to swim - Malmö is definitely worth a visit!