What does Barry Hampe think of existentialism?

Handbook of Metaphysics

“... work convinces with its clearly structured structure, its concise, easily understandable, differentiated contributions, which always follow the current state of research in analytical metaphysics. ... The "Handbuch Metaphysik" can only be recommended to teachers and students of philosophy as well as philosophy and ethics teachers because of its excellent overview of current discourses in analytical philosophy. It should not be missing in any good seminar library. ” (Dr. Marcel Remme, in: Lehrerbibliothek.de, lbib.de, April 6, 2019)

“... The handbook is not only aimed at professional philosophers, it is intended as a reference work for specialists and even for students ... What the handbook specifically offers are overview articles that can only be found rudimentarily in the aforementioned works. ... The demanding text provides a model for philosophical considerations and ends with a brief description of the current structural realism ... "(Univ.-Prof Dr. E. Dauenhauer, in: Walthari, August 15, 2017)

“... Such a book is a gift and can already be described as a standard work, which fully fulfills the publisher's high standards of creating a reference work that makes it possible to quickly acquire well-founded knowledge of individual aspects of metaphysics. ... The manual should not be missing in any specialist library - a “manual” in the emphatic sense of the word, a book that one likes to pick up ... ”(Katja Hachenberg, in: literaturkritik.de, November 11, 2017)
“... For teachers and students of philosophy within and outside of the academic world, this manual is highly recommended for working through and referencing repeatedly. Anyone who has carefully thought through the articles in it should be well equipped for high-quality discussions of metaphysical questions, because the book introduces them to the current metaphysics debate ... ”(Till Kinzel, in: Informationsmittel für Libraries, informationsmittel-fuer-bibliotheken.de, October 2017)