What is cloudburst

Wolkenbruch (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Clouds | break, Plural: Clouds | breaks
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈVɔlkn̩ˌbʁʊx]
Word meaning / definition:
1) sudden heavy rain shower
Origin of the term:
Determinative compound from nouns cloud and fracture as well as the joint element-n
1) Thunderstorm rain, pouring rain, downpour, rain shower, shower, heavy rain, torrential rain
General terms:
1) Rain, precipitation, weather
Application examples:
1) The Downpour turned the soccer field into a lake.
1) “Whether drizzle or Downpour - the size of the drops has no influence on the accuracy of the prediction. "
1) “In this room, we too are welcomed, just in time for a violent thunderstorm with squalls, hail and Downpour.“
1) “Soon the sun was burning, soon discharged Downpours.“
1) “Old Wang had just fetched a bottle of wine and bought a basket full of fruit and other foods when she was walking down the street from him Downpour was surprised. "
Saying / idioms:
1) Heaven, ass and downpour = Curse
Typical word combinations:
1) with adjective:more suddenlyDownpour,torrentialDownpour , more surprisingDownpour
Nominative: singular Downpour; Plural Downpours
Genitive: singular Downpour; Plural Downpours
Dative: singular Downpour; Plural Cloudbursts
Accusative: singular Downpour; Plural Downpours


  • English: 1) cloudburst, downpour
  • French: 1) pluie torrentielle
  • Icelandic: 1) skýfall
  • Italian: 1) nubifragio (male)
  • Catalan: 1) aiguat, ruixat, xàfec, pluja torrencial
  • Dutch: 1) wolkbreuk
  • Polish: 1) oberwanie chmury
  • Swedish: 1) skyfall (neuter)
  • Czech: 1) průtrž mračen (Female)
  • Turkish: 1) sağnak

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

A difficult one Downpour via Pernegg the Zlattengraben flooded at the foot of the Eisenpass. Floods and mudslides also occurred on the other side of the pass, in the Utschgraben in Oberaich.
Kleine Zeitung, September 14, 2018

In Linz it was after the difficult one Downpour Given the flooded streets at noon on Sunday. Canal drains were closed on the Pöstlingberg, and masses of water shot across the street.
Today.at, July 14, 2019

Around 60 boys and girls will not forget this storm: a Downpour with hail flooded their tent camp in Imsbach in the north of the Palatinate. But the church promptly helped.
SWR.de, August 07, 2019

After a Downpour the sewer system failed in some streets on Monday evening. The rainwater ran into cellars and garages. There was also water in the Landwehr underpass, where the fire brigade rescued two cars with their occupants.
Hannoversche Allgemeine, June 4th, 2019

Discus ace Lukas Weißhaidinger presented himself extremely strong at the home meeting in Andorf with 66.15m! Shortly afterwards a worried Downpour for the demolition.
Krone.at, 4th August 2019

After the clouds of smoke and the heat brings in Downpour Relaxation, but delayed qualification at the Australian Open.
Today.at, January 15, 2020

State of emergency on Thursday at the fire brigades in the south of Hamburg. A Downpour flooded basements, streets and underground garages.
BILD.de, June 19, 2020

Canopy tours are particularly attractive in Costa Rica. In the cloud forest of Monteverde, for example, you can fly three kilometers over the treetops. How it works with a Downpour feels, our author was able to experience firsthand.
Welt.de, February 17, 2020

Thomas Meyer's first novel about the character Motti Downpour became a surprise bestseller and successfully filmed for the cinema. Now a funny and intelligent sequel has appeared.
WDR.de, December 19, 2019

During the fire on Friday afternoon, the fire brigade's extinguishing work was still due to a violent one Downpour supported. The police are looking for witnesses who have seen suspicious people or vehicles in the forest area.
Police press release, June 27, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Shower: Equipment, mostly in the bathroom, which lets the water fall onto the body from a great height and thus allows the body to be washed quickly; the act of washing in a shower
  • Cast: Process of casting; cast product, for example of metal; pouring a liquid such as water; solidified coating over food; short for: downpour, rain shower
  • Scurry (coll.): short, shower-like rain or snowfall; (in a hush = executed in a flash) blow with the flat of the hand in the face; Opening in the lower part of the (mainly human) face, mainly used for eating and making sounds; Soldier language, soldier language: brief enemy fire attack; hysterical homosexual with feminine demeanor
  • Downpour: sudden onset of heavy rain that is only of short duration
  • downpour: heavy rainfall
  • rain shower: short downpour
  • shower: Rain showers: short, heavy precipitation analogue: snow showers; Shiver of fear: physical reaction (for example, skin twitching) as a result of strong feelings of fear
  • Torrential rain: heavy rain
  • Torrential rain

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fracture: ... Broken pipe, skull fracture, shipwreck, sheet breakage, style break, voice break, upheaval, wind break, cloudburst, civilization break, breakdown of taboo 2) broken arm, pelvic break ...

ass: ... make the ass (drive, punish, chastise) for an ass (in vain) Heaven, ass and cloudburst (curse) Heaven, ass and thread (curse) being up in the ass (broken) someone goes ...

cloud:… Cloudy, cloudy (→ cloudiness) 1) Cloud band, cloud bank, cloud formation, cloud lightning, cloudburst, cloud cover, cloud field, wispy clouds, cloud shape, cloud front ...

pluie:… General terms: météorologie, temps Expression / idioms: pluie diluvienne = cloudburst Typical word combinations: les pluies acides = acid rain…

acquazzone: the downpour, the downpour, the downpour Translations See translations in downpour, See translations in downpour, See translations in downpour French: averse (female), (ugs) douche (female), (ugs) saucée (female) Venetian: scravasso ( male)

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