Has Elysium clinical trials

A study evaluating the safety and health benefits of Basis ™ in older subjects.

Inclusion criteria:

- Men or women aged 60 to 80 years old, inclusive

- The body mass index (BMI) must be 18 to 35 kg / m2 (± 1 kg / m2).

- • You can make scheduled visits to the office four times during the study

- Ready to follow directions and complete several study questionnaires and assessments

- Agrees to avoid taking vitamin B3 (niacin, nicotinic acid, or niacinamide) or multivitamins for 14 days prior to randomization and for the duration of the study period

- Otherwise healthy as determined by laboratory results and medical history

- Has voluntarily, in writing and informed, consented to participate in the study

Exclusion criteria:

- A history of significant chronic or clinically active disease within 3 months of study entry, including a history of renal or hepatic impairment of endocrine, inflammatory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, psychiatric, neoplastic, or metabolic disease. The clinical significance of the disease is assessed by the qualified investigator and determined by the eligibility.

- Significant or untreated medical disorders, including recent myocardial ischemia or infarction, unstable angina, uncontrolled hypertension, AIDS, malignancy, epilepsy, and recent cerebrovascular disease

- People who have recently had a traumatic injury, infection, or have had surgery

- People with a history of pellagra or niacin deficiency

- Taking lipid-lowering drugs

- Use of natural health products containing nicotinamide riboside within 14 days prior to randomization and during the course of the study

- History or current diagnosis of cancer (except for successfully treated basal cell carcinoma) diagnosed less than 5 years prior to screening. Volunteers with cancer in full remission more than 5 years after diagnosis are acceptable

- Participated in an investigational drug clinical trial within the three months prior to the first dose in the current study

- Unstable diseases

- Alcohol consumption> 2 standard alcoholic beverages per day

- A history of alcoholism or substance abuse within one year of screening

- History of significant allergies

- Allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients in the test product

- Use of medical marijuana

- Clinically significant laboratory abnormalities on screening

- People who are cognitively impaired and / or cannot be informed consent

- Any other condition which, in the opinion of the investigator, may affect the participant's ability to complete the study or its actions, or which may pose a significant risk to the participant