Which animals do not produce milk


You can not only drink cow's milk ... Here are some other types of milk from other animals ...

Buffalo milk

Rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin A. Real mozzarella is made from buffalo milk.

Donkey milk

Donkey milk is very similar to human breast milk and was previously often used as a natural breast milk substitute. Nowadays the milk is used in healing treatments for skin diseases and allergies. Pure donkey milk is also a cosmetic product - but not exactly cheap.

Camel milk

It tastes almost like cow's milk and its ingredients are similar, but it contains significantly more vitamin C. Due to the strict hygiene regulations in Germany, it is not possible to sell it in this country. In the United Arab Emirates and Oman, camel milk is available in bottles of various sizes in all major supermarkets. The price is in a similar range to that of cow's milk in Europe.

Cat milk

Generally not milk from cats, but specially prepared milk for cats, which is easier for the animals to tolerate.

Mouse milk

At around 23,000 euros per liter, it is the most expensive milk and is used for research purposes.

Sheep milk

Fat content around 7%, protein content between 5% and 6%. Sheep's milk hardly plays a role in Northern European cuisine - only sheep's cheese is enjoyed in abundance.

Mare's milk

Mainly used in cosmetics. Contains around 1% fat, 6% milk sugar and 2% protein.

goat milk

Contains less protein, lactose and fat than cow's milk, but more trace elements and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, chloride and vitamins. Children usually like goat milk very much.

By the way: blue whales have the largest milk production. The female produces 400 to 600 liters of very fatty milk per day, which means that the young gain about 100 kilograms per day.

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