Which MCU character was wasted the most

Christian Bale in Thor 4: Marvel Must Stop Wasting Its Actors

At the beginning of the year we reported on an exciting casting coup: Christian Bale, who once mixed up the DC universe as Batman, should be seen in Thor 4: Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth. As co-star Tessa Thompson revealed in an interview, the American-British actor is actually on board - and that as the villain. However, this is only partially a reason to be happy.

A crucial key to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly the casting of individual superheroes. With a few exceptions, they turned out to be themselves high-risk occupations like Robert Downey Jr.'s as Iron Man as long-term successes. However, a look at the villains tells a different story: this is where talent is usually wasted.

Three observations on casting decisions in the MCU

  • The MCU is extremely good at finding suitable actors for its superheroes and skillfully using them in the films.
  • Even when it comes to casting the bad guys, the names that can be found in the credits are delightful. Christian Bale is the latest example of this.
  • In the end, the well-known ones remain Talents completely unused, because the figures hardly escape their stencil and sink into insignificance.
Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor 3

If the MCU was initially still on a very good path with Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the opponents gradually became more interchangeable. The Thor films alone tell this tragical story Best of all: A character actor like Christopher Eccleston is pretty lost in the loveless Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom, while Thor 3: Decision Day even managed to give away Cate Blanchett.

The MCU burns great actors as pale villains

It's no secret that the MCU films have massive problems as they head towards their third act and the villain turns out to be a major flaw. There are seldom figures here with a profile that goes beyond the template. Instead, the final confrontation with the villain mostly feels like negotiating one compulsory station to conform to dramaturgical conventions.

In addition to the disappointing character drawing, the script mostly banishes the villains to a very limited space, where they only hustle and bustle isolated from the rest of the film for a long time and thus have little contact with the actual heart of the story. The narrows the actorswho, within the limits of their role, have to fight against the minimum screen time that is intended for them.

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Captain Marvel

Exceptions also confirm the rule here: In Captain Marvel, Ben Mendelsohn pleasantly breaks out of the ready-made MCU role pattern because the script gives him the opportunity to show off his strong presence. Josh Brolin also successfully rummages through the CGI mask of his Thanos and gives an insight into the tragedy of his world destroyer.

Thor 4 as a chance to do two things right at the same time

In the end, however, outweighs the immeasurable waste of talent, which is basically anchored in the DNA of the franchise: Even in the first Iron Man film, a heavyweight, the Jeff Bridges, was forced to step into iron armor despite strong moments in the finale, which means that everyone Threat beyond CGI effects got lost. Up until now, no MCU film has really wanted to learn from these mistakes.

It is actually inconceivable that Christian Bale should join this ranks of pale villains as the next actor. A look at Bale's filmography testifies above all to an irrepressible pleasure in play and this is not only reflected in his sometimes extreme physical activity. It would be really annoyingwhen he is as carelessly as Cate Blanchett's Hela marginalized by the rest of the spectacle.

Christian Bale in Le Man 66

Taika Waititi is taking a path with Thor 4: Love and Thunder that gives hope. The announcement of the film surprised with the unexpected return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. After she was not seen in Thor 3: Day of Decision, she should now even transform into Mighty Thor. A nice gesture when we consider how criminally the figure has been neglected in the MCU so far.

So it looks like Taika Waititi is taking the chance to make up for a neglect of days gone by. So why not finally get one with Christian Bale's commitment impressive opponent place in a solo adventure? It would be desirable because such a casting coup cannot be taken for granted even in the MCU with its almost unlimited resources.

Which big Hollywood star in the MCU were you disappointed with?