Why are we facing an exam

Check before commissioning

The experts from TÜV NORD know the relevant ordinances, standards and technical rules as well as the requirements of the approval authorities. In this way, we can assist you quickly and efficiently with all safety-related issues relating to the planning, construction, commissioning and operation of systems.

In the course of tests before commissioning, we take over the assessment of the plant and occupational safety for you for all aspects relevant to your plant:

  • Gas technology
  • functional safety
  • Electrical engineering
  • Explosion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Water protection
  • Emission protection including odor nuisance
  • noise protection

The complete test is clearly documented in the form of a report. The test content and the documentation of the test with the report are agreed with the respective authorities and recognized there. Our report can also serve as proof of security for authorities, professional associations, insurance companies or investors.

The main legal framework can be found in different areas of law. At this point briefly the safety-related tests that are usually necessary in the context of many systems

  • Check before commissioning according to § 15 BetrSichV
  • Check before commissioning in accordance with VAwS
  • Examination according to § 29a BImSchG