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$ 120 million !!! The budget for this Schmu was supposedly so high and it really hurts: 20 years ago you got a big hit like "Terminator 2" for 100 million and today every comedy, no matter how trivial, costs such sums ... unbelievable. Like the result, that's a big shot in the oven. It works like a script sampler in which just how funny you were: a sportswoman who has to find her way in normal life, a love story in which a woman stands between two guys who are "oh wonder" both really nice, a guy who does has to pay for his daddy's professional mistakes ... snore, all these components lumped together and that’s the result. If you go in here to laugh a little, you come out with a loooong face - exactly the opposite of what you wanted. Even the four popular stars or the experienced director are of no use: unreasonable “noble boredom” !!! Conclusion: completely confused star vehicle, boring, uninteresting and uncomfortable!
It was very cute, but I've seen better films!
It was very cute. But I expected more from
My girlfriend really wanted in, so I went and it was okay. Popcorn cinema.
Rarely seen such junk - quirky American nonsense - a shame about the entrance fee.
Quite okay, but you could have gotten more out of it
What a shame! The cast made a funny film expected. But it was terribly boring. My wife has never fallen asleep in the cinema. This atmospheric film has now made it at the age of 44. Our friends also nodded off in between. Thanks to a coffee that I got in between (without missing anything in terms of content) I survived the film awake and angry. Even Jack Nicholson could no longer save the film with his (dispensable) supporting role. The fact that the film is terrifyingly bad had probably already got around in the city - unfortunately not to us. The cinema was only 1/10 occupied. Not recommended !!!
A film whose plot is repeatedly torn up in the middle of the process and consists of mini-plots. With a little more imagination and a plot that isn't from that
Pity! Despite the nice cast and good approaches - a script as tough as my chewing gum at the (predictable but redeeming) end of the film.
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