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This is how you draw

Hello and welcome to the official page of the drawing school series “How to Draw”.

Nice that you're here! We are Krea and Tivo and would like to welcome you to our exciting world of drawings.

“How to Draw” is a series of drawing schools with which you can learn step by step to draw animals, plants and objects. So it is a guide to learn to draw. Perhaps you already know “This is how you draw” from your parents' daily newspaper? The drawing instructions are printed every week on the children's pages of several newspaper publishers, e.g. on the KiNa page of the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher (ShZ), in the Kruschel newspaper in the Rhein-Main area and on the Capito page of the Augsburger Allgemeine.

This is how it works

The books

Krea and Tivo in the forest

Krea, Tivo and the ferret Brush are great friends. On their first adventure, they go on a walk in the forest and draw the most popular animals and plants in the forest. As a big highlight, at the end they show how to draw a large forest landscape with a river and lots of animals. Children learn simple rules how to arrange animals in perspective and how to color and shade pictures.


Krea and Tivo on the farm

In the second volume in the series, Krea and Tivo take a vacation on the farm. There is a lot to discover there! From pigs to horses, tractors and sunflowers, there are drawing instructions on the most popular farm topics. At the end, Krea and Tivo even show you how to draw a farmer and give simple, child-friendly tips for drawing people.