How can I choose a favorite color

The favorite colors of the Germans

For painters and varnishers, especially with undecided customers, it is an advantage if suitable color suggestions can be made. It is worth taking a look at the color landscape in Germany. A nationwide survey of 1000 German citizens between the ages of 16 and 75, commissioned by the German Paint Institute in Frankfurt (DLI), showed that the majority of Germans love blue. At 19 percent, blue is ahead of green (14 percent) and red (13 percent). In relation to comparable surveys from recent years, however, it can be stated that blue was not always the dominant favorite color. So it seems that your personal favorite color doesn't necessarily remain a constant personality trait. Preferences for certain colors can change due to various influences such as fashion, music or film as well as personal development. In general, however, it has been shown that younger people have completely different color preferences than older citizens. The gender-specific differences between women and men are also striking. The results also show that women are more likely to prefer red (22%) while men prefer blue (23%). The discrepancy is greatest with the color red - only 4 percent of men chose the striking shade as their favorite color. Overall, women prefer a color spectrum in the range of red, yellow, beige and orange. Men, on the other hand, feel most comfortable with blue, gray, black and brown. The proportion of respondents with the favorite color green is roughly equal for men and women.

It's getting more colorful on the streets

In the case of car paints, too, the results of the survey correspond to the trend that is evident on the streets. Here, too, the trend is again towards more color, this applies in particular to blue and green tones. The courage to use color reflects a general change that the Federal Motor Transport Authority was also able to observe. In terms of new registrations in the first half of 2016, blue recorded the greatest increases, even if the majority of vehicles are still painted black, silver / gray or white. It is noteworthy, however, that almost 30 percent of those surveyed do not choose the car color according to their actual favorite color. Overall, cars in blue (12.8%), silver / gray (12.7%), black (11.3%) and red (11%) are almost equally in trend.

Colored smartphones? Not with us!

The favorite color does not set the tone in all areas of life. Neutral colors are preferred, especially for electrical appliances. This is particularly evident in the answers to the question about the preferred color for the smartphone. Achromatic colors such as black (23.3%), gray / silver (16.2%) and white (12.7%) clearly dominate in this area. This is not least due to the fact that the smartphone should look classy and discreet. For most of the respondents, bright colors are rather out of place and often do not look particularly valuable. When it comes to electronics, the following applies: a variety of colors on the screen, yes - on the case, better not! Source and graphics: German Paint Institute