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Catharsis effect: Writing about unemployment increases job opportunities

There's a supposedly simple trick, according to one Job loss quickly find a new job: write about it! No joke: It doesn't even mean public writing, such as blogging, twittering or pluses - a diary or a kind of letter to yourself is completely sufficient. Behind it is the so-called Catharsis effect: You literally write the frustration and anger off your mind and feel better afterwards, but you also look more liberated into the future. And that is then promptly reflected in the applications and interviews ...

The catharsis effect: writing frustration from the soul

In one study, 53 percent of the observed unemployed managed to use it Frustration writingwithin six months to find a new job.

For comparison: from those who only Wrote applications, only 18 percent found a new job in the same period.

In psychology, the catharsis effect is only too well known - for example when doctors advise to deal with grief, anger, worry or frustration like this to howl properly. Because that is good for us both mentally and physically.

Already the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates believed that four body fluids - blood, phlegm, and black and yellow bile - determine a person's health. When these become unbalanced, according to the ancient medicin, we get sick and need one cleaning - or as Hippocrates called it: a catharsis. Hence the name of the effect.

Why do we cry

Scientists have long been trying to find out why people cry. One theory currently finds the greatest consensus: According to it, we literally cry for our souls freed from ballast. Or from various waves of emotions.

Women in particular were able to name the Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhoets from the University of Brabant four or more emotions that they experienced during one Crying spasm felt. When his colleagues from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands examined 3,000 tears around four years ago, it became clear in almost all those affected afterwards Improvement of the state of mind, only one in ten felt worse afterwards than before.

The limits of the catharsis effect

However, the positive effect of the catharsis effect decreases as soon as several people join ours Outburst of emotion attend. Jonathan Rottenberg from the University of South Florida is convinced of this.

In his study, he and two colleagues asked over 5000 people in 35 countries about their memories of the last crying fit. About 30 percent remembered that their surroundings were not consistently positive responded to it.

Therefore, therefore and because of that: If you write the job crisis and the job frustration of the liver, please do it for yourself and in the quiet little room.

How you can channel frustration in general

  1. Talk.

    Talking to yourself helps to reduce stress, reduce aggression and provide more clarity, as the US psychologist Thomas Brinthaupt has shown. Conversations with friends also reduce frustration.

  2. Write.

    Noting and sorting your thoughts and feelings has been shown to help put your frustration off your mind. At the same time, the notes document how one got through such phases.

  3. Scream.

    In moderation, this is entirely permitted: hit the table with your fist, shout at your screen, stomp loudly on the floor - but please don't destroy anything in the office and do it so that nobody notices.

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