Girls also have sexual fantasies

Curtain up, head cinema on: 7 dirty fantasies that EVERY woman has ever had

When it comes to dirty thoughts, we are in no way inferior to our male contemporaries. Because when it comes to feminine, dirty head cinema, we are extremely creative.

Some of these fantasies are better off just staying in our head. Because of course: Sex fantasies also live from the fact that social norms and taboos are broken. Therefore, please do not ask yourself what went wrong in your life, if you also have violent fantasies or dream of sex on your boss's desk. To be wackier than the "normal" sex life is exactly the point of these fantasies.

However, we should definitely put some of our sex fantasies on our sex spoon list and tell them to our partner. So not the one with the hot neighbor, whom we like to be caught between the door and the hinge ..., but all the other little dirty ideas.

Just be courageous, girls! Scientific studies say that 71 percent of the sex fantasies cherished by men and 84 percent of the female mental cinema would be fulfilled if, yes, if we only dared to talk to our partner about it.

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But enough of the words now. Curtain up, cinema on! Here are 7 dirty thoughts that I'm sure everyone of us has had!

1. The hot guy next door

... may like to stroll through our dreams. It doesn't matter if he's married and not really our type at all, and anyway. If he fetched rolls in the morning, half asleep, we might get stupid thoughts. And no false shame, dear women. About 90 percent of us are mentally unfamiliar. But of course nobody admits that.

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2. Don't ask - just do it!

Sometimes we dream a little about our bed companion doing things with us, giving us orders and tying our hands to the bed. Even if you think "Shades of Gray" is stupid - a bit of assault on his part is not an unpleasant idea ...

3. Can I play?

The top fantasy of men, i.e. the threesome, also likes to play its film in our heads. We women are definitely more flexible when it comes to casting. Sex with two men would be pure pampering for us, but also somehow a bit stressful. Sex with a man and a woman is also attractive because many women can live out their secret bisexual tendencies here. But of course we have to play the main role in bed. Clear. It's also our head movie.

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4. Watch me!

In many of us there is also a little exhibitionist somewhere. At least as long as the head cinema is running. Even if we would try to avoid someone catching us having sex or even watching like a pig when we were awake: In our wild fantasies, this idea is not that bad.

5. Be rough!

That, too, is a fantasy that some people are sure to harbor. And you don't have to be a masochist to have fantasies of violence that turn you on in an absurd way. Here, too, the taboo that one breaks is the exciting thing. It is true that significantly more men than women dream of spanking, spanking and punishing - but it also turns on many women.

6. Passionate role play

An opulent love affair in the Middle Ages, the wild Highlander who snatches you over or the dangerous vampire who wants to bite you? That, too, can be a sex fantasy that we are only too happy to dream about. Even if we may have to smile about our little girl fantasies ourselves. Still kind of hot. Unfortunately, the idea cannot be implemented in this case. Unless you and your partner are into role-playing games ...

7. To dictation, please!

Dependent sex would cause a lot of trouble in "normal" life and in many cases would be rightly incorrect and desirable. But as a little fantasy ..?

The teacher with the student, the doctor with the nurse or the boss with the secretary, whom he asks for a short "dictation"? As silly as you may feel when you have these dreams, it is still fun and maybe precisely because they are so clich├ęd. So why not?

No matter what turns you on, whether chief doctor or vampire. You alone determine what turns you on and what you dream of.

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