Yahoo Mail is still safe

Is Your Yahoo Mail Account Safe? 10 ways to stay safe


Worried about adding extra security to your Yahoo account? It's a legitimate concern. In the past few years, Yahoo has suffered from multiple breaches and security hacks. The Biggest Cybersecurity Events of 2017 and What They Did To You Top Cybersecurity Events of 2017 and What They Did To You Did you fall victim to a hack in 2017? Billions were in what was obviously cybersecurity's worst year. With so much going on, you may have missed some of the violations: let's repeat. Continue reading .

If You Decide To Stick With Yahoo Mail The New Yahoo Mail Is Actually Pretty Good The New Yahoo Mail Is Actually Pretty Good Yahoo Mail has been given a great makeover. It's now cleaner, faster, and better able to compete with Gmail and Outlook. No seriously. Read More

1. Establish a strong password

No safety guide would be complete without this basic tip. Your email address is a critical account because it lets you sign in to so many other services. If someone broke into your Yahoo email, they could reset passwords on other sites and really mess with your online life.

For this reason, you should increase your password strength before doing anything else. Even if you already have a strong password, changing it is always a good idea because Yahoo! We lost your data! Two years ago ... Yahoo! We lost your data! Two years ago ... Internet giant Yahoo suffered a huge data breach. The breach, which occurred in 2014, resulted in 500 million Yahoo users being put up for sale on the dark web. Continue reading .

Start by signing in to your Yahoo account, then click your profile picture in the top right corner. Choose Account informationto open your settings.

Then click the Account Security tab on the left sidebar. Choose the link Change Password and enter your new password twice. Remember to create a strong password. How To Create A Strong Password You Will Not Forget How To Create A Strong Password You Will Not Forget Do you know how to make and remember a good password? Here are some tips and tricks for getting strong, separate passwords for all of your online accounts. Read More Start With A Password Manager You Need To Start With A Password Manager Now You Need To Start Using A Password Manager Right Now Everyone should be using a password manager now. If you don't use a password manager, you risk getting hacked! Read More

2. Activate two-factor authentication

In addition to a strong password, activate two-factor verification. Now lock these services with two-factor authentication. Now lock these services with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is the clever way to protect your online accounts . Let's take a look at some of the services you can lock down with better security. Read More When activated, in addition to your password, you will need to enter a code that will be sent to your phone. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Two-Factor Authentication Types and Methods The Advantages and Disadvantages of Two-Factor Authentication Types and Methods Two-factor authentication methods are not created equal. Some are proven to be safer and safer. Here you can see the most common methods and which best suit your individual needs. Read More This ensures that even those who stole your password cannot get into your account without your phone.

To enable this, go back to the page Account information on the Account Security tab. Slide the confirmation for the Two step confirmation then Yahoo will ask for your mobile number. Enter it, then choose whether you want to receive a call or text message with your code. Once you receive the code, enter it and click Verify .

You will then have the option to create app passwords. Some apps, like Mail on iOS and Outlook, don't support two-factor authentication. This allows you to create special app passwords that you can use to log into these apps. If you skip this, you can create these passwords later by going to the tab Account security on the Generate app password click.

3. Update your recovery information

You can add contact information to your Yahoo account in case you get locked out. This allows you to use a different email address or phone number to return to your account if you forget your password. So it's important to make sure this information is updated before it's too late.

To do this, visit the tab again Account Info> Account Security . Add under Phone numbers and Email address Add any contact information that you use regularly. Pick a category, choose You add recovery email / phone, and fill in the appropriate information. For phones, you will receive a confirmation code via SMS or phone call. When you add a new email address, you will receive a message with a link to verify the address.

While you're here, it's worth reading old account recovery information. If you're no longer using a specific email address or phone number, click the trash can to remove it.

In addition, Yahoo withdrawn security questions Why do you answer password security questions incorrectly Why do you answer password security questions incorrectly How do you answer online account security questions? Honest answers? Unfortunately, your honesty could cause a rift in your online armor. Let's take a look at how security questions can be safely answered. Read More If you're a long-time Yahoo user, you may see security questions in your settings. click on Disable security questions and follow the steps to finish them.

4. Check your account history regularly

Yahoo provides a convenient log of your account activity. You can check it out to see if someone has broken into your account.

Click again Account information and then switch to the tab last activity . You will see a list of active sessions showing the browser and operating system. Click one to see a list of logins on this device for the past 30 days, including exact times, IP addresses, and locations. How To Track An IP Address To A Pc & Find Your Own How To Track An IP Address On A Pc & How To Find Your Own Want to see your computer's IP address? Maybe you want to find out where another computer is? Various free tools are available that can tell you more about a computer and its IP address. Continue reading .

Below you can see the last access changes, e.g. B. setting a new password. If you see something on this page that you don't recognize, you should change your password immediately. This will automatically sign you out of your account anywhere.

5. Beware of phishing emails

Email phishing is never lost, so it is important to stay on the lookout for the phishing. To be safe from fake messages trying to steal your account information, you should never click on links in emails .

Read our tips on finding phishing emails. How To Identify Phishing Emails How To Identify Phishing Emails Phishing Emails Are Hard To Find! Scammers present themselves as PayPal or Amazon, trying to steal their password and credit card information, their deception is almost perfect. We'll show you how to spot the fraud. Read More If you get something from your bank or other sensitive company that claims they have a message for you, go straight to their website.

In Yahoo Mail, you'll see a purple color to the left of the contact information for an official Yahoo message Y- Logo. Don't trust blindly - scammers may find a way to fake this.

Following phishing emails, your account details will be leaked to nefarious people, rendering your strong password useless.

6. Check your forwarding settings

Email forwarding is a handy tool when you're juggling multiple accounts. Or, it can be something that a hacker uses to spy on you. With just a few minutes in your account, someone could set up email forwarding Yahoo Has Mail Forwarding Again: How To Turn It On Again Yahoo Has Mail Forwarding Again: How To Turn It Back On Mail Forwarding is a nice feature for many reasons - one that was unavailable on Yahoo Mail for quite a while. But it's back! And here is how you can turn it on. Read More

It's worth double-checking to make sure no one is doing anything behind your back. Open Yahoo Mail, then click the Gear icon and then on Settings . Select the tab on the left Accounts and click on the Yahoo Entry with your email address.

Scroll down and you will see the box Access Yahoo Mail elsewhere . Make sure there is no information here. If so, Yahoo will send all of your email to the address provided. Make a note of it, turn off forwarding, and change your password.

7-10. Other miscellaneous tips

On a smaller scale, there are a few key tricks you can follow to keep your Yahoo account safe:

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Consider leaving Yahoo

The above tips will help you keep your Yahoo account safe. But it's worth noting that you want to leave Yahoo entirely. As mentioned earlier, two years after the fact, Yahoo discovered a massive security flaw. Around the same time, it became known that Yahoo was scanning users' emails to deliver the data to the NSA.

Those two massive blows to its users made many think that Yahoo didn't deserve your time anymore. We covered the move to ProtonMail. The Yahoo! Fracture? Why not try ProtonMail? Affected by Yahoo! Fracture? Why not try ProtonMail? ProtonMail is a free, open source email service that focuses on security and privacy by allowing users to easily send and receive encrypted emails. But can ProtonMail be a more secure replacement for Yahoo! E-mail? Read More . After many violations and sharing your information with the government, it is time to leave Yahoo for good. Continue reading . What you do is your business, but keep in mind that this company doesn't have a great track record of keeping your information safe and private.

Yahoo, you are safe!

Now you know the best ways to keep prying eyes off your Yahoo account. These tips will keep your account safe, whether you're using it for email or fantasy soccer. A little vigilance goes a long way!

For more information, see the tips for extra email security to share with others. 8 Email Security Tips To Share With Friends And Coworkers E-mail Security Tips To Share With Friends And Coworkers.

Why are you still using yahoo?Did you take these steps to secure your account?Tell us in the comments and be sure your friends who use Yahoo also see it!