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Hotaro Oreki

Hotaro Oreki
The figure
place of residenceKamiyama, Japan
Detective dictionary
tapeVolume 83
Gosho Aoyama's tipIce cream / Hyouka
Author and works
authorHonobu Yonezawa
First publication2001: 氷 菓, Hyōka
Number of works6 novels

Hotaro Oreki (jap. 折 木 奉 太郎, Oreki Hōtarō) is presented in Volume 83 in Gosho Aoyamas Detective Lexicon.

The character Hotaro Oreki [edit]

Hotaro Oreki is a high school student in Kamiyama, a fictional city in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. He joins the literature club at his school so that it doesn't have to be dissolved. Together with the other members Eru Chitanda, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara, he solves numerous puzzles.
Hotaro is pragmatic and only does what is necessary. Although he always solves his cases thanks to his logical conclusions, he remains humble and claims that he was just lucky. He has feelings for his classmate Eru and at her request, Hotaro takes more care of his school life.[1]

The author and his works

Honobu Yonezawa was born in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture in 1978, and is a Japanese crime writer. The best known is his Koten-bu series about student detective Hotaro Oreki. Yonezawa graduated from Kanazawa University with a degree in literature, but has been writing his own works since middle school. He turned to crime fiction after reading stories by Kaoru Kitamura. After graduation, Yonezawa worked in a bookstore to improve his writing skills.
In 2016, Yonezawa was from Granta, the largest literary magazine in the English-speaking world, has been nominated for the Best Japanese Novelist Award.[2]

Works around Hotaro Oreki [edit]

In addition to the novels about Hotaro Oreki, a manga adaptation began in March 2012, which includes the first four novels in the series Shonen Ace. An anime version of the works with 22 episodes was also released in 2012. A live action film followed in 2017, directed by Mari Asato, starring Kento Yamazaki and Alice Hirose.[1]

List of novels with Hotaro Oreki [edit]

year Original title German title / Translated titleadditional Information
2001氷 菓, HyōkaHyōka
2002愚者 の エ ン ド ロ ー ル, Gusha no end rollFool's credits
2005ク ド リ ャ フ カ の 順 番, Kudryavka no JunbanThe Kudryavka Order
2007遠 ま わ り す る 雛, Tōmawari Suru HinaThe Hina doll that made a detour
2010ふ た り の 距離 の 概算, Futari no Kyori no GaisanThe approximate distance between two people
2016い ま さ ら 翼 と い わ れ て も, Imasara Tsubasa to IwaretemoThough I supposedly have wings now


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