Is meditation better than drinking alcohol

Meditation and alcohol

Meditation and alcohol Some say that after drinking alcoholic beverages, they can meditate better. On the other hand, yoga and Buddhism say that one should avoid alcoholic beverages. Here you can learn a lot about meditation and alcohol.

Meditation and alcohol from a yoga point of view.

Answer from Sukadev:

Here I would like to answer something from the yoga point of view. I have a clear opinion about alcohol: do not drink alcoholic beverages! I have a clear opinion about meditation: Meditate every day!

Nevertheless, although I have this opinion, I can also tell you: Even if you consume alcoholic beverages - meditation will also be good for you.

Even if you are an alcoholic, it is good to meditate. I know a lot of people who got away from alcohol, for example, by meditating every day. Meditation helps you to come closer to yourself.

When you have come closer to yourself, your inner intelligence will become stronger. When your inner intelligence gets stronger, you will do what is good for you.

Alcohol is a poison. The inner intelligence of your body will then say: "No, no alcohol!"

It will be stronger than the addictive behavior that arises somewhere in the psyche. So: Meditate every day - it will help you get away from alcohol. If you also practice yoga, it will be even easier for you. Meditation can of course also enrich any withdrawal program.

But maybe you're not an alcoholic at all and just want to ask if you can meditate and drink alcoholic beverages. Here you can of course also say: Yes, whatever you do, it is good to meditate.

To be honest, I can't tell you whether you should meditate after a wine or not. I recommend drinking non-alcoholic beverages. I myself have never had alcoholic beverages since I was 15 and never had more than half a glass over my lips when I was 13 or 14, because I had such a natural aversion to all alcoholic beverages. That's why I can't tell you anything about my experience now - and I'm not making it the subject of my seminars. With this in mind: Meditate and avoid alcoholic beverages!

Why should you give up alcoholic beverages at all?

There are several reasons.


Alcoholic beverages cloud your mind. They prevent the clarity of the mind. Suppose you want to relax with alcohol: There are better relaxation techniques, e.g. meditation, yoga deep relaxation or awareness exercises like mindfulness.

Say you drink alcoholic beverages to make yourself feel happier: Again, there are better ways to make yourself feel happier. Suppose you drink alcoholic beverages to get rid of inhibitions: Again, there are better ways to get rid of your inhibitions. You may not want to lose some inhibitions at all ...

Suppose you drink alcoholic beverages because you might like them: If you go without alcoholic beverages for a while, you will find plenty of alternatives that taste better. Ultimately, food tastes better and fruit juices taste better if you do not consume alcoholic beverages.

I don't know anyone who does without alcoholic beverages that sometimes lack the taste of wine, beer or vodka. There are plenty of other drinks that taste very good.

So there is no logical reason to drink alcoholic beverages these days. In earlier times, mankind came to alcoholic beverages for two reasons: Firstly, alcoholic beverages are not contaminated with bacteria, because alcohol prevents that.

For example, alcoholic beverages were sometimes a good way to prevent contracting bad water.

The second reason was to preserve grain and other things. So you had calories available in times when there might not be a harvest. Lent existed in the Christian context.

So that the monks, who were supposed to fast for six weeks, could continue to do their strenuous physical work, they drank the most caloric drinks that existed at the time and that were durable - that was beer or wine.

You could also name a third reason: The time in the Middle Ages was quite difficult. That was the time when Central Europeans started drinking lots of alcoholic beverages. The social order was quite unfair - and so people ultimately learned to cloud their minds a little with alcoholic beverages and to accept injustices.

If you consider that back then people drank one to two liters of beer a day, then you can imagine what state of mind they were in. This ultimately made them easier to handle by the authorities. In fact, it appears that the higher social classes have consumed less and less alcoholic beverages. In this sense: alcohol is opium for the people ...

Other negative effects of alcohol are that on the one hand it clouds you and takes away your clarity. Second, alcohol is also unhealthy. It is sometimes said that alcoholic beverages are good for the heart - but that's not true. There was a legend at one point or another that alcoholic beverages could be good, but that has now been clearly refuted. (The studies that were used at that time showed that people in the Mediterranean region have fewer heart attacks than those in Central Europe. From this it was concluded that because people in the Mediterranean region drink more red wine, the red wine must be responsible for this. But that is more absolute The reason people in the Mediterranean countries have fewer heart attacks is because they eat more vegetables and more fruits, less sugar, less fat, and fewer convenience foods.)

Today there are some good studies showing that people who drink alcoholic beverages - be it just one glass a day - have more gastrointestinal cancers, more liver problems, and overall higher mortality rates.

So: Avoid alcoholic beverages, then you will live longer and be healthier! Then there is an ethical reason not to consume alcohol: it is believed that around ten percent of humanity has a tendency to be addicted to alcohol.

That is, if they regularly consume alcoholic beverages, it becomes an addiction. Then in a society where it is normal to drink alcohol regularly, those predisposed to it will become alcoholics. If you are an alcoholic yourself or know someone who has been affected, you know how much suffering that leads to.

So: Many reasons not to consume alcoholic beverages. Many reasons to meditate too - without alcohol.

Video: meditation and alcohol

Short lecture video with the topic "Meditation and Alcohol":

Short video lecture by the founder of Yoga Vidya, Sukadev Bretz about alcohol, from the meditation group.



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