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The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings - The Two TowersTarandúniêl4.1.03 18:34

how often have I read Tolkien's books (not just Hdr !!!)?
How many times have I watched part 1? How long did we all have to wait ??? And then it was finally there: the long-awaited midnight premiere !! (I have to say, the mail really went off here in Berlin * gg *)
So the War of the Ring is going into the second round! And Gimli actor John Rhys Davies should be right with the statement "You may have seen part 1, but you haven't actually seen anything"! Likewise Elijah Wood (A PERFECT CAST FOR FRODO! AND WHO CLAIMS TO DO IT BETTER !!!): "The first film was good! This one is better!"

The "three hunters" (more likely two and a half: great elf, brilliant person and son zwerch * joke * gimli is okay!):
cool, but it's a shame that you didn't notice that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli (who had some difficulties) really rest, eat and sleep for 4 days
ran through. I mean you have to imagine that. I mean warriors of men or warriors of men who might make it
still so, but gimli ... well ...
Still, the trip wasn't bad.

just as merry and pippin with the orcs: in the book it was far more brutal, because ham suffered the real pain and that for days. and not like that
: "oh cool aragorni is looking for us, let wa ma sone chic clasp falln"
just as the orcs looked more amusing than terrifying, at least grischnákh, yes. hey it's fun to complain about something gigantic.
Aragirn came across better than in part 1, or at least as good and not like pj says "our middle-earth macho" hehe.

only criticism: he died a few times! The boy was shocked for a long time. That reminds me of being a dumb dwarf for a 2000
years older elf "boy" says ... tststs.

frodo and sam: superbly shown (which was certainly not least due to the art of acting!) how the ring makes more and more of it, and so.

gollum: the ham se was great, brilliant, the dichotomy, the conversations with yourself and the memories that came up when frodo said "smeagol".
really good. except for the color, i imagined it to be exactly the same.
merry & pip: by and large i found it good, first two such funny hobbits and then when merry says "there will be no more bad land" really not bad ...
snake tongue: urg what should I say? simply ingeniously disgusting! just as such a disgusting slimy reborn I've always imagined. when he then
always appeared so ugly and I agree ...
really really snake-like disgusting ... oke I'm listening uff!
theoden: so the change ... wow. from this half-corpse walked to this well more or less strong fighter (not
daas who could EVER compete with aragorn or leggy * hehe * that's what durfi once said! * g *)

eowyn: that was just éowyn!
but most of the time she cried, I didn't think that was good, because she's really a fighter, better than eomer and aragorn together ... okay that wa exaggerated.
but at least that doesn't give an idea of ​​what it will do (in the 3rd) !!! `gandalf the white: mmmh, I thought it was good too!
so somehow it came across as really cool, powerful and so!
apart from that, i also found arwens, elronds and galadriel's interim appearances not bad!

The only one who totally irritated me was faramir !!! sooo different, the character, than in the book. I no, not bad (at least if I hadn't known the book) but in the book everything was really different, there
did he take them with him and helped them immediately. great, and in the film "then it would be forfeited. let them go" I mean, of course, that should make it clear with his
father un so ... is clear, but I thought it had deviated a bit blatantly.
ents: see much too weakly too, I mean you step against it once and then they break out. but otherwise okay, even if that changes a lot
became ... no matter. I think you have to look at the film independently of the book!

Legolas jumps quickly uffs horse, Legolas quickly takes an orc to change a shield and surfs a round down the funny stairs, aragorn pushes the door uff (cool).
but I really thought aragorn is dead. pj has changed so much that it wouldn't have hurt me anymore. I mean okay, then legolas would have freaked out and would have been
cheated ... no no. but for the fact that he has just lost his leader and friend, whom he has known since childhood, he is surprisingly calm
stayed ... that gave it away ... and because: "You're coming late" aragorn slightly confused .... "you look like shit" aragorn grins. when he arrives clammy inside.
hehe ... and the stupid dwarf can not jump and needs a box ... yeah ..,. n bit dramatic was where the haldir died ... but he was probably n
bissel gay ... aba what i found bad is arwen: me my immortality (you have to try to imagine that) and then decide between
his people and aragorn. really bad...

In my opinion, "The Two Towers" is gigantic and, as peter jackson says, not comparable with any previous film (Hdr has already delivered successes that Spiderman or the boys from Star Wars can only dream of !!!) "The fellows!" The center piece of the tri-logo is far darker! Fear, agony, despair and obsession are the predominant themes here. Despite this mood, I left the cinema as if charmed and by no means depressed. Peter Jackson not only filmed Tolkien's books, he brought the whole of Middle-earth with all its peoples and languages, with its geography and its locations to life.
The first thing you notice with this film is that it is the work of a real fan! This is the work of countless people who have worked on it with an incredible amount of love and heart and not a simple Hollywood production!
For me it is also the Derails that make this film so unique!

The companion books and "How the Film Was Made" didn't promise too much. The great music, the perfect cast, the breathtaking tracking shots and the unique landscape make this epic gigantic!

Only the Edras set was built in detail in its original size (for which roads had to be laid out first!) And "Gandalf" Ian McKellen is said to have burst into tears when he saw it for the first time!

Of course there are some changes, but in my opinion they weren't bad at all and to FLORIAN, PEACEMAKER & CO: hey, peter jackson's lord of the rings is not tolkien's lord of the rings! In some places Jackson was very close to the book again ("How do you prepare a rabbit?" Gollum & sam)

Often one hears such comments as "Even tough fantasy doesn't leave you feeling cold". Quite simply: "Lord of the Rings" is much more than a fantasy! This is about courage, friendship and survival, about trust and unconditional loyalty! And although everything looks so fantastic, you recognize yourself in some places! And whoever remains unaffected by the thought of Arwen's terrible decision has either not yet thought about what it means to be "immortal" (PLEASE ONLY ASK YOU ONE MOMENT BEFORE!) Or he has no imagination! "The Two Towers" had the most successful cinema release of all time, and part three will not deviate from this path either!

Then survive the waiting time well, read tolien's book again (after all, only the bible has sold more often up to now!) Or learn Elvish, that's really fun! 8 I already mentioned it on the companion comment page!

Namarie, mellyn nîn. Tara I WOULD REGRESS ABOUT MAILS!

PS: greetings to Dûrfuiniel and celebdilien !!!

And Florian: If that's a pink POP WORLD, I like to live in it! Do you look better than Legolas? I agree that the Lord of the Rings deserves a lot more than just the words "Geil" or "Cool"! T.

Tarandúniêl4.1.03 18:34

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