How do I market on Instagram

Instagram & Co .: This is how self-marketing 4.0 works

In the past it was only people like Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton or future jungle campers who did self-marketing. Classically in Bravo, Brigitte and Bunte - or in the commercial breaks from GNTM and Co. They just had money and management power behind them.

With us “normal people”, self-PR looks a lot more spectacular. We met new people on a friend's birthday, maybe at a company party. The accessibility to the outside was limited. We talked about ourselves, discreetly dropping how great we actually are. That we have already worked here and there. A balancing act between showing off and good self-marketing.

Suddenly digital

Then came Facebook and with it the first tentative attempts by Heidi and Co. to show themselves through vacation selfies and pseudo-intelligent comments on current topics. After all, it is cheaper and more authentic. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Persicope, WordPress followed. Social media marketing on all channels. Not only for the celebrity world, but also for us.

More and more channels that are shrinking the storage space on our iPhone; that we need to understand and that steal our time. Sounds negative at first, but it is also a huge opportunity: Suddenly we no longer have to (or only rarely) try to sell ourselves to the other person through humorous, intelligent small talk over a cramped glass of white wine. We can outsource it to the social media world, where a lot is much easier.

Self-PR via Twitter and Instagram

On Twitter, I have enough time to catapult 140 characters of concentrated intelligence into a tweet. I don't have to be quick-witted and smile nicely at the same time. I have time to think about reparteeism. For many people this is an advantage. I can also lie on the sofa in sweatpants and eat Nutella bread on the side while I market myself online. It starts with the fact that I can design my Twitter profile the way I want it. Thematically too.

If I want to get into politics, I tweet about politics. Get in touch with others, build a community for me. If I want to get into the fashion industry, I tweet about fashion. Get in touch with others, build a community for me. Sounds simple, it's simple. That doesn't mean it is little work or that it works like a sure-fire straight away. It takes time and takes patience and good ideas. But it's also a gift. One visit to the App Store and less than five clicks later, I can communicate with the outside world.

With Instagram, I only need a square and a couple of good filters instead of 140 characters. 400 million people use the app. A total of 80 million photos are uploaded every day. The target group is completely different from that of Twitter. Instagram is mainly used by Generation Y. Over half of the users are between 18 and 29 years old. It's not about intelligence and puns. It's about latte macchiato with caramel syrup including perfect milk foam. And about my new H&M crop top, which I'm so excited about. It's about a world in which I can show who I would like to be.

Reality vs. Social Media

With Instagram, it is not my aim to depict reality. Quite different from journalism. I advertise myself. And advertising is just a world in which happy children sing a song about sausages and washing clothes becomes an experience. I can stage myself and my life and make use of it. Is that wrong? Reprehensible? Fake? I don't think so. It's self-marketing the way it works these days. 4.0 just. And everything is open to me that fits in a square. Food photos, mirror selfies or fitness motivation.

I am aware that everything I upload is public. My friends can see it, my colleagues, my potential new employer. Last year, the career portal Jobware asked 36,000 HR professionals and applicants about their job search experience. 32 percent of all bosses inform themselves about the applicants via Facebook before each interview, 45 percent do it irregularly. If you google me, you will also find my social media profiles - including mirror selfies, photos from my tour of the synagogue. He finds opinion and criticism. It is an excerpt from my life in pictures and hashtags.

Twitter, Instagram and Co. open doors. I can sell myself in a world that I create myself. I can tweet what I want about, instagram what I want. As long as (attention!) I think about it and reflect on what I am revealing.

In the end, it's about the same thing as casually sprinkling in at the company party, how great my last vacation to Southeast Asia was or when I place my new, sour bag visibly on the table. Life is a stage and I determine which role I play. In reality and on the web.

Tips for successful self-marketing

  • What do i post? You can create your own social media world, so think in advance exactly what and what you want to post. Personal, professional, food, fitness, politics, opinion? Anything goes, you just have to stand behind it.
  • Self-marketing only works if you have your Instagram profile on public represents.
  • Follow and comment!Getting new followers is work! You have to follow other profiles, like pictures, comment on and get involved in Twitter conversations. This is the only way to make other users aware of you.
  • Use the right ones Hashtagsto increase your reach.
  • On Instagram, your photos should be a good one quality to have. To help with photos, download e.g. vsco cam (free photo editing app).
  • Be authentic! Instagram is not the reality. It doesn't have to be 100%. Adding a funny caption every now and then and showing honesty makes you personable and authentic.

So: get down to work, you self-promoters!

Post picture: Flickr / Urban Muser

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