How is car leasing a scam

Rip off with Schufa-free contracts | "We wanted to lease a car - now we're off 10,000 euros!"

leasing Without a Schufa test: For many it seems the only way to own a car - also for Sandra and Frenk M. from Berkenroth in Oberbergischen (North Rhine-Westphalia). But the nightmare began after the contract was signed. The couple was ripped off by the bar and thread!

In September the M. family founded a small IT company. They had to give up the old company, so the couple has no securities whatsoever. For their new job, however, they need a company car and can find it on the Internet.

The dealer orders the vehicle of their choice. But Sandra and Frenk M. have a problem: As entrepreneurs, they don't get a leasing contract. But a solution emerges when the couple discovered an advertisement for Schufa-free leasing on the Internet.

Frenk M: “The homepage and the response times made an excellent impression. It took two to three days for our leasing inquiry to be answered positively. "

So Frenk M. signs the contract. Down payment: 3500 euros, monthly installment: 450 euros and 15,000 euros balance, here called "tender amount". The experienced IT specialist transfers the deposit immediately.

But when the company got in touch for the second time, the big surprise came: the M. family suddenly had to deposit a “guarantee” - for around 15,000 euros!

Frenk M .: “That wasn't even mentioned before! The general terms and conditions were also only sent to us after the contract had been signed - if you read them carefully, the pitfalls became clear. ”There it says:

Unless otherwise agreed in an individual contract, a deposit in the amount of the contractually agreed tender amount must be paid in cash or by providing a guarantee upon conclusion of the leasing contract.

Because the family cannot provide the guarantee for the residual value, the contract is broken. The leasing company then keeps the deposit.

And it gets even worse: the leasing company can claim 15 percent damages if the contract is not concluded. But that seems to be the trick.

Frenk M. has a suspicion: “There is a method to it. We are sure that the company does not want to have a leasing contract at all. They conclude leasing contracts, even without Schufa information, in order to then collect a down payment. When the contract has been signed, they make demands that cannot be fulfilled at all. ”In desperation, the computer specialist turns to file 20.10 (Tuesday evening, 10.15 p.m. on Sat.1).

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A lawyer hired by the magazine takes a closer look at the contracts. For him one thing is certain: fraud!

Because the buyers actually have two contracts - one with the leasing company and one with the dealership. If the contract between the buyer and the leasing company breaks, no money will flow to the dealership. So the buyers don't get a car either. There is a contractual penalty of up to 15 percent in each case.

In the worst case, the family has to pay 5000 euros to the dealership and 5000 to the leasing company. The bottom line is around 10,000 euros!

Annoying: Although the Munich public prosecutor's office has already processed many criminal charges against the company, all investigations have had to be closed so far. General terms and conditions are not checked at all here.

The complaints about the leasing company are also increasing on the Internet; a business report only contains negative features: loans are refused and business relationships are not advised.

Sandra and Frenk M. are now hoping that as many people affected as possible will get in touch - and fight this rip-off together.

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