How do I run IDM with Psiphon

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Developer:Psiphon Inc.
Operating system: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 6 MB

The website you can open today is not safe, you can open it again later because it is blocked. Usually the reason for blocking is negative content. Sometimes there are also certain events that lead to an online service being suddenly blocked. Examples like the WhatsApp case in May 2019. To overcome this, you can use Psiphon.

In short, Psiphon is software that function to penetrate internet censorship. This software is available free of charge for Windows, Android and iOS. Initially, Psiphon was published as open source software and developed by Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto until Psiphon, Inc. was founded. Psiphon is very popular because the speed of browsing and watching videos on YouTube is perfectly adequate, there is no data limit, and it is free. Psiphon, Inc. as a developer claims that Psiphon has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Psiphon features and benefits

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Basically, you almost don't have to do anything to use Psiphon. This software can be run directly without having to be installed. After running, all you have to do is wait for the Psiphon to connect to one of its servers.

While the server selection is automatic and the selected server is considered the fastest. After the connection is established, a website with changed IP address information will be displayed in your browser. This IP address can change along with the change of the server if a connection error occurs.

Regarding the server, Psiphon gives a number toservers like Canada, Poland, Sweden, USA, Singapore, Slovakia, Japan, Italy, India and many more. You can choose any server. The server you choose is automatically the default server.

Psiphon also offers a split tunnel function. This function is used to determine which data traffic must take place via a proxy. Unfortunately, in this case you are not free to choose based on the software used or based on the IP address. If the split tunnel function is activated, only international connections are routed through a proxy. For connections that are recognized as domestic connections, all connections are displayed in the log.

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To end the connection, you can click the Disconnect button on the main window. Unconnected connections are marked in the system tray with a color icon that changes from red to gray. Closing the main Psiphon window will also disconnect it by itself.

Finally, data is transferred between the server with your computer is automatically encrypted so that it cannot be recognized or made illegible by others. Nevertheless, Psiphon should penetrate sensors. If your main purpose is to hide your identity, then you should be using the Tor browser. Download the latest and free psiphon from the link below:

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