Loves BTS member Jungkook

Voting: Who is your favorite BTS member?


The whole world loves BTS

Actually, the career lasts K-pop band "just" seven years and yet they have already achieved more than many other stars. Besides that BTS have made the South Korean music genre really known internationally, they are also totally hyped as artists themselves. Theirs prove it countless records with their albums, music videos or social media accounts as well as their immediately sold out concerts tens of thousands of fans. In addition, they are now extremely popular guests at all shows and award ceremonies. Other stars like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes or Camila Cabello are fans of BTS themselves and admire their talent and commitment.


BTS: Who's the fan favorite?

As with any successful band, there is also behind BTS a very sophisticated concept. Each of the seven idols has different strengths, character traits and an individual style. This gives every member of the ARMY a BTS member with whom he / she can identify the most, who he / she finds the most likable or attractive. That's why we want from them now K-pop fans under ours BRAVO community know which of the seven BTS boys is particularly popular: Band leader RM,Jin,Jimin, V, SugaoderMaknae Jungkook. Vote for your favorite now!

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