What are some great miniature dioramas

Miniature landscapes

Many different craft materials will help you design small miniature landscapes, mini gardens, cribs and architectural models. Ideally suited to create special gift vouchers, great decorations or enchanting balls. Great suggestions and instructions will help you to implement your creative ideas in small dioramas or to create very special DIYs. Let yourself be inspired and get EVEN more creative!

Grass mats
Grass mats with a fluffy surface for great DIYs, model making, cribs and creative decorations.
Grass fibers & litter
Grass fibers & litter material: creative handicraft material for fluffy grassed surfaces on any material.
Green, green, green
Floral decorations such as realistic mini plants in flower pots.
Small trees for miniature landscapes, creative DIYs, decoration & architectural models.
Mini gardening accessories
Rose arches, furniture, greenhouses as well as plants, shrubs and much more for your mini gardening hobby.
Products for creating winter landscapes, Christmas decorations, DIYs & creative handicrafts.
Craft products
Materials and products for model landscaping, decoration, DIYs & creative handicrafts.