What makes Texas unique

My Texas Tips will guide you with one Road trip by probably the most conservative, but at the same time also the most diverse federal state of United States. The starting point of our trip is the capital Austin, then it goes via Lockhart to San Antonio and Bandera, before we make a stop in Lubbock and Big Bend National Park and end the vacation in Texas in a fitting way.

Texas tips for your road trip

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On this map you can see all the important stops on your Texas road trip drawn again exactly.

Hip Austin in Texas

Keep Austin Weird". Austin's citizens want their city to stay a little strange as possible. It is precisely this difference that makes Austin a real pearl. The city's motto was actually brought into being to take a clear and precise signal against the downfall of local institutions such as breweries and farms. In the meantime, however, the slogan is written on the flag of every local and also visitor - but what makes this city so unique?

What makes Austin unique?

Quite simply, that's the overwhelming number at first Food trucksthat seem to be on every corner of the city. Even an entire festival, the "South by Southwest", is dedicated to the rolling stalls and their variety of food. Why don't you buy great Mexican food from a cart and then walk to Congress Avenue Bridge, where a real spectacle takes place every evening? Huge flocks of bats leave their safe home under the bridge in the evening to turn night into day.

in the Warehouse District and on Red River and Sixth Street bars line up with clubs and pubs, so that nothing stands in the way of a well-tended pub crawl. If you want to end the evening in a true veteran, we recommend a visit to The Continental Club, the oldest musical stronghold in Austin.

After a hearty pancake breakfast, you can start the day relaxed with a small sightseeing or shopping tour. Visit the State Capitol, which is four meters higher than the famous Capitol in Washington D.C ..

The Barton Springs Pool is the perfect cool off

From there it goes to 2ND Street, because that's where the best bargains can be found. Anyone who needs to cool down afterwards controls it Barton Springs Pool in the middle of the Zilker Park. The “natural” pool is fed by a spring and is the hotspot for the locals to really relax. When your tired bones are relaxed again, you continue to Lockhart, 35 miles away.

Lockhart - always follow your nose

When you arrive in Lockhart you will find that the city is not bursting at the seams - just under 13,000 residents call Lockhart their home. The city is also called "Barbecue Capital of Texas“And should be on the road trip bucket list, especially for meat fans.

The best barbecue in town

in the Smitty's Market you get a wonderfully authentic flair and one of the best BBQs in town. Order your food right in front of the fiery smokers, which are constantly fired with fresh wood by the staff. You can get an equally authentic BBQ at Kreuz Market (which is where the Smitty’s Market family has its roots, by the way), where the meat is expertly cut in front of the customers on large, wooden round tables in a red brick house.
By the way, anyone who thinks that you can't go wrong with ordering a BBQ is wrong. Follow the instructions on the entrance sign to Smitty's Market and you are guaranteed not to be stamped directly as a tourist. There they are three golden rules: 1. Sauce is not asked (because there is nothing to hide); 2. No forks (for these are at the end of your arm); 3. No jokes (which should be clear to you when you see the owner).

If you stick to these iron rules, nothing should stand in the way of a culinary delight. If you have planned an overnight stay in Lockhart, you should still have time to visit the Caldwell County Jail Museum that gives a glimpse into Lockhart's past. Do you need yours BBQ feast a place where you can take a little nap, the Lockhart State Park offers some sunny, but also shady spots.

San Antonio - one city, many cultures

If I had to describe San Antonio with just one word, my choice would be “colorful”, because no other city in Texas is so strong withdifferent, cultural influences like San Antonio. During a walk along the river promenade you will pass tropical plants, cross bridges with a Venetian flair and you can relax under colorful umbrellas. You can literally approach one at every cornerdream another place in the world; and that in the middle of Texas!

Spanish flair and relaxed atmosphere

You will experience the Spanish atmosphere while visiting the five Spanish missions, of which the Mission San Jose and the San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral are arguably the most beautiful and historical buildings.

Wonderful contrast program!

And you will also meet German influences in San Antonio: In the King William District, which was also known by locals as "Sauerkraut Bend“, Beautiful, Victorian but also Italian and Greek influenced villas are lined up, one of which is more beautiful than the other. The contrast program wasn't strong enough for you yet? Then visit the Japanese Tea Gardens and immerse yourself in picturesque green spaces, where temples and benches invite you to linger. You can almost forget that you are in America and not in Asia.

If you want to make sure that you are really still in the USA, you should pursue a typical American leisure activity, namely one Basketball game visit the San Antonio Spurs. The extremely successful professional basketball team regularly throws baskets in the AT&T Center and heats up the spectators in the hall!
Speaking of American tradition, our next stop is guaranteed to catapult you back into America's past, into the times of the Wild West.

Bandera - where the wild things live

Our next stop is called Bandera. Here the clocks tick a little differently. Bandera is Texas ‘Cowboy Capital and almost every resident walks around with cowboy boots and hats, neck scarfs, checked flannel shirts and jeans.

But even if the love for the Wild West tradition is unbroken - hardly a Texan can make a living from cattle breeding and land ownership alone these days. Banderas residents have therefore taken advantage of their interest in their lifestyle and that Life of the cowboys modeled pretty vividly for visitors.

At the Dixie Dude Ranch the Wild west literally lived, you spend the night in wooden huts, eat by a real campfire and can go on exciting day trips to the surrounding area with the hosts, because at least one of these is already included in the room price.

Wherever there are cowboys, there is one saloon of course not be far. You can also find these in Bandera - and they are also designed so wonderfully and authentically that you feel transported back a few years.

In addition, most of your visits will likely see you on a Live band meet you guys with Country music will put you in the right wild west mood. After a night of dancing and a hearty breakfast in Bandera's wilderness, it starts early, because the next and penultimate stage is a few hundred miles away from Bandera.

Lubbock - music to your ears

Are you fans of good music? Then let's go after Lubbock. No city in the US is so familiar with the musical roots of the Rock'n'Roll linked like this - no wonder, because none other than Buddy Holly lived here. Reason enough for me to introduce you to this city in north Texas in more detail.

Once you have reached the city center, you should head straight to the famous Buddy Hollycenter take a look at the well-stocked and really exciting museum throw the artist. Many family members, friends and companions of the artist have collected memorabilia and are exhibiting them here together. The center is a great homage to the city's most famous son. Next door you will also find the Buddy Holly statue and the West Texas Walk of Fame.

There is music in the air

Since that glorious rock'n'roll heyday, Lubbock has been creating new music legends again and again. From Waylon Jennings and Mac Davis to today's stars like Josh Abbott and Natalie Maines or the Grammy Award-winning Dixie Chicks - music is literally in the air here.

If you're a real music lover who wants to hear the authentic sound of West Texas, be sure to check out the Depot Entertainment District. Venues like The Blue Light Live and the Cactus Theater offer performances throughout the week. On Monday evenings you can also see some young musicians at the Singer / Songwriter Night. Here you can marvel at old classical songs and tribute shows and let yourself be carried away into the world of the Texans.


An absolute guru tip is to visit the Moonlight Musicals amphitheater in Mackenzie Park. In spring and summer you can enjoy great outdoor performances on mild summer evenings, while the lake glistens in the moonlight behind the stage. A great atmosphere that you shouldn't miss.

If you've had enough of the city, I have one last place for you, which is really worth seeing and which should not be missing on the perfect road trip route through Texas. Let's go to Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park - close to mother nature

The Big Bend National Park With its 3,200 square kilometers, it is one of the largest national parks in the USA. It is traversed by the Rio Grande stream, which also forms part of the border with Mexico. Nature lovers, hikers and animal lovers will all get their money's worth here, because the park is a true Eldorado. Rent a room kayak and paddles along the wild Rio Grande through unique landscapes.

If you pay attention, you might even spot one or the other native animal on the way, such as the coyote, the bobcat, various species of vulture or even the extremely rare one puma. The animal and plant world can of course not only be explored by water, your own feet also carry you over hill and dale across the national park. Here you can experience height differences of up to 1800 meters, which on the one hand take a lot of your physical condition, but on the other hand give you the chance to take a closer look at the different flora and fauna.

The so-called Window Trail also offers hikers with less fitness a great view of the park in front of you. Also great is the fact that the trail is accessible and negotiable even for wheelchair users.

Pure nature and many possibilities

Probably the most beautiful excursion in the park is to the Santa Elena Canyon. What is curious here is that you have to "paddle" up the canyon on the waterway to then drive it down again at the end; "Boomerang trip“Experts describe this specialty. Since I've already raved about the diverse flora and fauna, I have to recommend the Lost Mine Trail to you. Many a steep path leads you past pine forests and intimidating rock formations. Whichever trip you choose: plan enough time, because who likes to rush through such an impressive landscape ?!

Plan your trip to Texas, USA

So cowboys, this is where my little trip through Texas ends. The modern Austin, the tradition-conscious Lockhart and Lubbock and also the journey into the past to Bandera make a road trip through Texas a real highlight. It's amazing what the state has to offer, isn't it? I hope I have Adventurer and explorer awakened in you, who now definitely wants to go to Texas. You will definitely not regret it!

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