What is 190 out of 40

Support and positioning cushion 190 x 40 cm (without cover)

Fig. From left to right

EPS beads (60 ° C)

The fine EPS beads (expanded polystyrene) with their 1-2 mm Ø are cuddly and very light. They are hygienic, anti-allergic and low-noise. The dimensional stability of the pearls guarantees a long service life. EPS beads adapt perfectly to every body shape and ensure perfect pressure distribution.

EPS pearls prove themselves through excellent heat and moisture transport.

Washable, hypoallergenic and suitable for tumble drying up to max. 60 ° C.

approx. 27 grams / liter

EPP beads (95 ° C)

The somewhat larger EPP (expanded polypropylene) beads with their 2-4 mm Ø also have very good volume stability (long service life). The slightly elongated shape of these pearls, in combination with their rubberized surface, ensures good hold and stability in use.

This filling is compact and has maximum dimensional stability and can withstand high loads. EPP beads are extremely hygienic and quiet.
They are characterized by their thermal stability up to 120 ° C!

Boil-proof, machine washable, hypoallergenic, suitable for tumble drying and steam sterilization.

approx. 37 grams / liter

PES 3D fiber (60 ° C)

The high-tech filling for soft storage.

The resilient 3D fibers (100% polyester) are cuddly soft and light. At the same time, they are extremely durable and also very resilient when washing. The noiseless, finely twirled, soft and light fiber balls are ideal for all types of soft storage. The 3D filling has the lowest support factor, but it is unmatched in terms of springback and cuddle factor.

Machine washable, hypoallergenic, dryer safe.

Millet chaff (not washable)

Our millet chaff from organic farming, which has been cleaned several times, is breathable and temperature-regulating. The fine, low-noise filling nestles up and smells delicate.

It consists of half millet husks. These interlock and ensure stability and a firm hold. The support factor is just as high as its own weight, which many value in the golden, compact filling as a very special property.

We recommend one Change of filling after approx. 3 years.

approx. 110 grams / liter

Spelled chaff (not washable)

Our spelled chaff, cleaned several times, is particularly breathable and temperature-regulating. Spelled chaff reflects body heat and absorbs moisture very well.
The voluminous, soft spelled chaff is the right filling for everyone who wants maximum nature but minimum weight. Spelled chaff smells of hay and rustles you gently to sleep with every movement.

The shell body makes it slightly elastic, and the graininess of the material creates a slight massage effect. Is spelled chaff pure nature, therefore only conditionally recommended for allergy sufferers.

We recommend one Change of filling after approx. 3 years.

approx. 90 grams / liter