Can I do an MBA at 45?

FAQ: Too old for an MBA degree?

“I did my bachelor's degree 7 years ago and have worked continuously since then. In the meantime I've made my way into middle management, but I have the feeling that things can't really go on. Therefore, I would like to continue my education with an MBA. However, I am already 33 years old. Is that too old for an MBA? "

No, there is no such thing as “too old for an MBA”. And in general, the age of MBA students is between 30 and 45 years.

There is almost no such thing as too old

A 57-year-old has already completed the MBA International Health Care at the University of Münster. And at the University of Trier, over 50s have already successfully completed their MBA. So it's more a question of will and organization than age.

The topic "Lifelong learning" and "not standing still" has been one of the motivating reasons for many MBA students to study, as can also be seen in the experience reports we have collected:

Brigitte, business customer advisor at a travel agency

After a few years of professional experience, I wanted to "saddle it up" again and get new food for my head.

Bernd, business lawyer at an association

After completing my first degree, it was clear to me that I would like to continue my education throughout my professional life ... True to the motto: standing still is going backwards.

From an economic point of view: at some point the MBA no longer pays off

The thirst for knowledge and personal development is one thing, the desire for professional advancement is another. Those who do not complete their MBA until their late 40s have already reached a certain salary and career level. To go up much further from there, "just" because you now have a new degree, is not realistic. However, the MBA can ensure that you secure your current job and that you keep up with young competitors with fresh ideas or that you are superior to them.

So you are actually never too old for an MBA. Only learning becomes more difficult with advanced age, so you should bring an extra dose of ambition with you.