What does the world think about Brexit

Brexit - what does the world think?

The US Federal Reserve holds its breath, Russian President Putin has his own opinion. What is the attitude like in important partner countries of the British outside the EU?

United States

The US government wants to keep the UK as a fundamental part of the EU. US President Barack Obama made this very clear during his visit to London in May. He also implied that one US trade agreement with Great Britain not on the priority list. "We have to take care of the big bloc," said Obama. In doing so, he took a clear position, but also struck many Brits off the head. Conservative circles in the US, on the other hand, are looking forward to working with a Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Great Britain could in the event of a Brexit onerous EU regulations Throw it overboard and have more control over its limits.


Despite a dent in economic growth, the emerging People's Republic has no interest in a Brexit. Chinese investors use London as a gateway to the EU, for which they have continuously pounded stakes in recent years. For example, the state-run Industrial and Commercial Bank of China recently bought a huge one Gold safe in London with a capacity of 2000 tons. The cooperation with Great Britain is close, the British Treasury is the only one outside of China Bonds in yuan. A departure of Great Britain and thus a possible loss of importance of the City of London could call this cooperation into question in the long term.

Arabic countries

The sheikhs have sums of money in British investments. You are on big banks as involved as in Oil companies or real estate. Are up for discussion Participation in major projects to improve the ailing British infrastructure, such as airports or rail links. Politics doesn't play a big role here, it's all about making money. For the British, this is both a risk and an opportunity. If Brexit turns out to be favorable for the development of the Arabs' billions in investments, even more money could flow in. They would shift their petro-dollars just as quickly if the opposite were the case. On the other hand would be about Weapons deals of the large British arms companies such as Rolls Royce or BAE without EU regulations.


president Wladimir Putin is the only statesman from a larger country to recommend a Brexit to Great Britain. How well this advice is meant is gossiped. Both states share a love-hate relationship. Great Britain is economically very closely linked to Russia, if not dependent on the gigantic empire. Many oligarchs keep huge sums of money London's banks, representative property in London are Russian-owned who Oil companies BP and Rosneft work closely together. Cooperation could indeed become easier without the EU, albeit not to the benefit of the British. On the other hand, political relations have been strained, at least since the mysterious death of the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London.


The Japanese automakers are an extremely important economic factor for Great Britain. The british auto industry has recently recovered strongly, has become the model boy for the intended British turnaround back to the industrialized nation. Nissan is by far the largest automaker in Great Britain, and Toyota and Honda also have large factories. 57 percent of British car exports go to EU countries. Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn had already indicated tellingly: "If there are changes, we have to rethink our strategy." However, the threats have recently become quieter, and a quick divestment in Great Britain is no longer an option.

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