How wide are McGill University's art courses


(Pierre Herrbach), Paris FR

Vit et travaille à Paris. Formation initiale (master of science, USA), pratique le dessin et la peinture depuis son enfance. Formation artistique aux Ateliers Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, notamment avec le professeur Jean Zuber.
Expositions (depuis une vingtaine d'années)
Grand Palais, Sorbonne, mairie de Paris, art en capital, salon des artistes Français ...
Collections privées
Principalement États-Unis, Japon, Europe.
Recherche et publications récentes
A corps, désaccord, 2015 • A corps, accord, 2015 (textes et illustrations de l’auteur, éditions atelier, Paris).

[email protected]

Minna Ahlberg

Unterägeri CH

Born in Finland in 1967, has lived in Switzerland since 2001. She discovered her passion for drawing and painting early on and started painting more in 2008. She mostly uses acrylic or oil paints and likes to experiment.
«Almost everything you see can be turned into art. You just have to let your thoughts run free and be curious about life and the environment. "Exhibitions (selection)
2019 AAF Stockholm • 2019 Harbor Artfair Hong Kong • 2018 Art home Munich • 2018 Finland Center Berlin • 2017 AWCZ Zurich • 2016 MAG event Montreux • 2011–18 Altstadthalle Zug • 2009–17 Haus am See Unterägeri • Various workshops in CH and abroad .

Alvarez Tonia R.

Born in Gijón, Asturias (Spain) in 1965.
Escuela de Artes y Oficios (Art School) in Tarragona (Spain).
She goes her own and unique path as a walking artist with a constantly searching eye, which searches for form, variety and beauty, which are then captured by her. It is a kind of «evagatiomentis», a debauchery of the spirit that can also be found in the works.
Exhibitions (selection)
2002 Galeria Beascoa, Barcelona (Spain) • 2007 Mercadomix im Stilwerk, Berlin • 2011 “Oh Kurfürstendamm…”, Limes Gallery, Kurfürstendamm, Berlin • 2008–2018 art fair “Art… Essenz” in the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz, Berlin • 2012 –2020 alternating between art supermarkets in Germany and Switzerland.

Esther Ammann

Wikon CH
Born in Strengelbach in 1971. In my work I am interested in the interplay of shapes and patterns, planning and chance, macrocosm and microcosm, and am on the trail of the harmony of colors. 1988 preliminary course at the Lucerne School of Design; Web designer; various courses, among others with Alexander Jeanmaire, Gerhard Almbauer, Robert Süess, Ines Hildur. Exhibitions (selection) 2003/2010 / 2015/2018 Altes Schützenhaus Zofingen • 2011 «Art in the Spital Zofingen» • 2012 - 2015 Art Supermarket Solothurn • 2013 Artworks, Liestal • 2014 Company Chemgineering Technology AG, Münchenstein • 2016 Art Mathieu in Olten • 2016 Group exhibition Galerie Soun International Zofingen • 2019 Large permanent exhibition Partner Hotel Zofingen AG

Bai Mamadou

Igualada ES. Born 1974 in Bamako, Mali. 1991 - 1994 studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Bamako • 1996 Experimental work in African painting • Since 2003 exhibitions all over the world: New Art Gallery, Cape Town • Jean Tseo Gallery, New York • Art Afrique Millenium, Lille • Espace Blanchère , Paris • “Color Markets” Gilbert Space, London • Colective: Bomo, Sambu, Bai, Galeria Lusa, Oporto, Portugal • Espai Poble Nou, Barcelona • “Afrique-Europe” Nouvelle Vision, Paris • 2014 “Afrique-Europe” Nouvelle Vision, Brussels • 2015 “Afrique 2256” Mamadou Bai, Instalation, Bamako, Mali • Gallerie Nationale Bamako, Mali • 2016 Galeria de Africa, Madrid • Space Maliénne, Chambre Noire, Paris • 2017 “Visions” Galeria Nova, Barcelona, ​​Spain • "Drawing Markets", Pop Up Gallery, Bristol, England.

Tanja Binder

Zurich CH
Born in 1978 in Würenlos. Preliminary course at the Zurich School of Design (ZHdK), artistic design at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Lives and works in Zurich.
Exhibitions (selection) 2019 Kunstwarenhaus Zürich • 2019 «Exposition XXS» (Bildwelten_11), Kunstraum R57, Zürich • 2018 KunstRaum R57, Zürich, «Exposition XL» different where • 2017 Seebad Utoquai Zürich, “Passage” • 2015 The small format, Zollikon • 2014 Art Supermarket Solothurn • 2008 The small format in Zollikon • 2007 Solo exhibition in the Atelier Zurich




Josep Bonet Subirats

Barcelona ES
Born in Barcelona in 1965.
Studied applied arts at the Llotja in Barcelona.
Exhibitions (selection)
2004 Victor and Alexander Gallery, New Orleans, USA • 2005 Safia Gallery, Gernona, Spain • 2005 Soto Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark • 2006 Silvia Sennacheribbo, Galeria d'Art, Barcelona, ​​Spain • 2007 Art Expo, Barcelona, ​​Spain • 2009 Gallery BM, Vic, Spain • 2010 Art Cornser Gallery, Fanders, Denmark • 2011 Art Gallery, Slagelse, D.nemark • 2013 Gallery Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark • 2014 Firart Vilafranca del, Barcelona Spain • Since 2016 participation in the art Supermarkets in Berlin and Frankfurt.



Borla Lionel

Marseille FR
Né en 1974 et architecte DPLG de formation, Lionel Borla se consacre depuis l’année 2000 à la peinture. Après avoir parcouru les chemins de la musique (piano) et de l’architecture, la peinture lui est apparue comme le lieu de son épanouissement intellectuel et spirituel. Dans ses oeuvres graphiques et ses peintures, une silhouette stable et stylisée parcourt des espaces-plans et dialogue avec les autres éléments figuratifs dans des espaces épurés. Musique, architecture, paysage sont les thèmes les plus travaillés. Sur la surface plan du support, plume et encre de Chine ou pinceau nourri d’encres, de gouache, de brou de noix ou d’acrylique écrivent ainsi l’idée fondamentale qui est mise en scène, graphiquement rythmée. Les oeuvres se regroupent autour d’une idée force: "La silhouette épurée, ou la figuration de masses stylisées dans un espace-plan composé"

Nathalie C. Bossard

Born in Biel in 1971. "Art is a mediator of the indescribable" (Goethe). Preferred materials are sand (e.g. from Tuscany), ash, gold, coal, coffee, marble powder, filler, roofing felt, rust, Indian ink and a little acrylic paint. In my pictures, these materials merge into expressive paintings. The typical gold moons are incorporated into the images when the moon is full. Exhibitions (selection) 2012 Sieberhuus Lyss • 2012 Moospinte, Münchenbuchsee • 2013 Garage Logos in Lyss • 2015 Seelandheim, Worben • 2015 Coiffeur Hair-Flair in Busswil • 2016–2017 Art Supermarket in Solothurn • 2018 Café Salzbütti Lyss.



Cabon peer

Born in Baden-Baden in 1950. Studied painting at the HdK Berlin. Exhibitions (selection since 1997) 1997 Pillango Gallery, Berlin • 1998 Seitapirti Gallery, Finland • 2001 Municipal Galleries, Berlin • 2002 Huomenta Gallery, Finland • 2003 Hiomia Gallery, Finland • 2007 Art Forum Hildesheim • 2008 Old School Winzenburg • Art Barn Freden • 2009 Gallery Günzel Wispenstein • 2010 Adult Education Center Alfeld • 2011 Landscape
Today Hildesheim. Since 2003 participation in the art supermarkets in Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Frankfurt a. M. and Solothurn.




Olga Cairols

Barcelona ES

I'm Olga, an artist with 35 years of experience. Studies of Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (UB). Graduated in Design, Art and Fashion Technique in Instituto Felicidad Duce. Bcn. My collection is made of mixed media on canvas and paper. Inspired by the relationship established with nature, the connection with the planet and especially the love I feel for the forest.
Exhibitions Carré d'artistes in Istanbul, (Turkey) and Sedona (Arizona). EEUU. • Wylsum gallery, collective. BcnÜ Beyourmagic (gallery) .Bcn. • Artbox talent. Suisse. • Exhibitions and private acquisitions all over the world.



Leonardo Camatta

Born in Hemer in 1949. Lives and works in Berlin and Constance. Werkkunstschule Dortmund with G. Deppe. Exhibitions (selection) 1996 Pillango Gallery, Berlin • 1999 “tutti i sensi” gallery, Düsseldorf • 2000 Son Floriana, Cala Bona, Mallorca • 2001 “Art in the Villa”, Constance • 2002 GeWoGalerie, Marburg • 2004 Krenzel Gallery, Haan • 2005 Weinklang, Berlin Kreuzberg • 2009 Turmgalerie, Bonn • 2010 Die Werkstatt, Erfweiler / 5 Dahn • 2012 Giens, Mairie annexe, France • 2013 Stromeyersdorf water tower, Constance • 2016 Strohmeyersdorf water tower, Constance • 2016 Art
in the barracks, Radolfzell • 2017 “La Ola” Corralejo, Fuerteventura • 2017 Gallery “Artefix”, Sempach. Since 2000 participation in the art supermarkets in Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Frankfurt a.M. and Solothurn.

Carbenay Christophe

Born in 1964 in St-Maur, France. Städel evening school in F.a. M. • Fine arts in Braunschweig and Hanover (diploma) • 2013 Artist in Resdenz, Leipzig. «My favorite objects are people, love cells and beings from my imagination. Often, etching and drawing combine to create a story on one sheet of paper. I print on a previously drawn sheet or vice versa. I draw with pencil, pen and ink. " Exhibitions (selection) 2006 Galerie Futura, Berlin • 2007 Kunstverein Meppen • 2009 Galerie Skudelski, Pilsum • 2011 Raumstation, Bielefeld • 2012 Kunstverein Burgwedel • 2013 Galerie Dornun • Huntenkunst, Ulft • 2014 graphics exchange, Borken • Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Rentsch.


Di Cui

Munich DE

1986 born in Xi´an, China

2004–2009 architecture studies at Xi´an university of architecture and technology
2010–2014 architecture studies at the Technical University of Munich
since 2014 working as an architect in Munich

2010 group exhibition "Landscape and Architecture Watercolor", Xi´an
2017 exhibition “Ampelphase 8”, art installation, Frankfurt



Verena Deppe

Solothurn CH
Born in Solothurn. Training as a primary school teacher. Further artistic training at the Bern School of Applied Arts and as a private student with Anje Hutter in Solothurn. Training to become responsible for culture in schools. 2016 after 66 years in Solothurn, relocation of the “main residence” to Schaffhausen, where the family lived. Since 2019 a studio apartment in Solothurn again. Self-employed artists. From 1979 regular exhibition activity in single, double and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Publicly owned works in the city and canton of Solothurn. Further information in the dossier of



Sandrine Devaud

Friborg CH
Mes sources d'inspiration sont les paysages urbains que je photographie lors de mes strolls ainsi que les ouvres d'artistes comme Hopper ou Magritte. J'ébauche ensuite des histoires dans ces decors, avec le souhait qu'elles trouvent un prolongement dans l'imaginaire du spectateur. J'aime explorer différentes techniques et je cherche a adapter les supports aux sujets, p.ex. de l'acier brut pour les histoires qui se deroulent dans le metro ou du papier froisse et ponce pour evoquer la fragilite des ailes des papillons.
Exposure (sélection) Bicubic, Romont, 2019 • Le Vide-Poches, Marsens, 2018 • La Spirale, Friborg, 2017 • Lis Petits Gris, Romont, 2017 • ta Grange, Riaz, 2015.

Dickmann Christa

Born in 1943 in Munich DE • 1978 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich • 1980 Professional Association of Visual Artists, Munich.
Exhibitions (selection) 1978–2006 Professional Association of Visual Artists, Munich • 1986 Siemens AG, Munich • 1999 Gallery L'Arcade Chausse-Coqs, Geneva • 2001 Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich • 2002 Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva • L'Hôpital Cantonal , Geneva • 2003 Ministry of Economy and Agriculture, Munich • 2004/05 House of Art • 2007 INTERIM Culture House, Munich. Since 2004 art supermarkets in Berlin, Vienna and Solothurn.



Dimitri Simona

Born in 1976, Busto Arsizio (IT). I attended the Artistic Lyceum and Arte & Messaggio Inst. In Milan. Until 2006 I worked as a freelance and in a graphic studio
in Milan. In 2007 I founded my atelier. I work for children books with Milan Illustrations Agency for Harcourt, Evans, Giunti, Ladybird, Usborne. I have collaborations with Milonga (Milano), Artecorum, petiteposte (Zurich), Art Unlimited (Amsterdam), Jart (Baden).
Exhibitions My works were exhibited in international competitions Teatrio, Venezia 1997/1999/2001 • Le montagne Incantate, Bolzano 1997/1999 • Associazione Illustratori, Milan 1998 • Scarpetta d'Oro, Vigonovo 1998.

Evelyn Doenicke

Muttenz CH
Grown in Rüttenen. Educated at Uni Basel, school for design. Freelance visual artist since 2001, teaching at her own painting school. Represented by several galleries. Member of SGBK. Issue at home and abroad. Paint and draw abstract. Use paper-tar-chalk-rock flour-coffee-paints, acrylic-pigments-India ink, graphite on different surfaces. Techniques from printing, photography, lithography to screen printing. «For me, painting is: a creative process of self-examination, unadorned, revealing the truth - developing and discarding - becoming free and not judging - allowing light-heartedness - a journey through time with complexity with joy and gratitude ».

Catherine Dudenhoeffer

Orvin CH
Née en 1964 à Strasbourg (France). Catherine Wagner Dudenhoeffer a commencé très jeune dans les arts plastiques. Après des années de cours privés entre aquarelles, huiles et encres, elle a crée son propre univers grâce à une technique mixte bien personnelle à base de pigments, different médiums crayons d’art et / ou collages.
Elle a collaboré à de nombreuses expositions collectives avec des sélections prestigieuses ainsi que des expositions personnelles avec succès en France, en Allemagne, en Suisse, et en Bulgarie. Certaines de ces toiles se trouvent dans des collections publiques et privées. Elle a participé a de nombreuses ventes aux enchères. A present, sesproblemèmes de santé l'obligent à plus de mesure, elle expose plus rarement mais ces rendez vous restent très attendus.


Eprinchard Andrea

L’artiste, d’origine suisse, a créé un langage plastique singulier utilisant des techniques découvertes au fil des années. La création picturale est un champ d’expérimentation à travers lequel l’artiste se libère de toute convention. Il s’agit d’une quête permanente d’innover, d’aller toujours plus loin vers quelque chose décanté. On trouve dans ses oeuvres de la magie, une fausse naïveté, une vraie candeur. Des inventions de bonheur touchant le regard et l’âme de toute façon. Son travail est influencé par les électrons libres de la peinture (Chaissac, Frank Stella, Pollock…) Expositions: En 2016 Salon Elan'Art à Montpellier • Galerie Les Robinsonnes à Antibes • Carré d'Artistes à Berlin • Supermarché d'art à Soleure • Overture en mars 2017 d'un ateliergalérie à Mougins dans le Sud de la France.




(Goasdoué Michèle) Biguglia FR
Mon travail se trouve aux frontières de l’irrationnel. Je peins ce que je peux reconnaître comme une «nouvelle forme du monde».
Ma peinture surgit sans raisons. Elle est un acte que rien ne justifie, parfois comme une émotion fugace, rapide, “le regard qui voit vite”, comme s’il y avait une menace. Quelque chose existe derrière l’image proposée. La mort n’est jamais loin. Il faut nourrir la toile pour que le temps fasse son œuvre. Figuratif ou abstrait, mon œuvre se situe dans un “univers entre deux”. C’est un art pulsionnel dont il faut que je puise les souffrances pour une évolution intérieure. "Peindre avec une perception directe de mes états intérieurs". Je donne tout à la peinture parce qu’elle me donne un autre monde.

Marlis Feer

Born in 1956.
For me, painting is one of my innermost needs.
Through various artistic training and further education such as at the design school Farbmühle, Lucerne; University of Art and Design, Lucerne; Art therapy and social art at Galina Ashly School in Uster and in the art studio, Lucerne, I try to optimize my artistic processes. I find my inspiration in nature. Flowers, people, landscapes fascinate me again and again and give me ideas for concrete and abstract painting. I paint my pictures in acrylic mixed media.



Yo Franklin

Since 1999 professional artist and lecturer for art, VHS and other educational institutions, state high schools. Since 2012 head of team painting, Munich – Oberhaching. 2014–2018 managing gallery owner, Galerie unlimited, Munich Oberhaching. Since May 2019 curator DIE BERGSCHMIEDE kUNSTHOF GbR Heike Wilms & Michael Käfer, Munich. training: Art studies, focus on old master oil painting, with Jobst Rothmann, Goslar, 4 semesters. Art studies at the Bad Reichenhall Academy. Final drawing and layout for various advertising agencies. Study of Art Therapy A.K.T. , Munich. Study of interior design, diploma 2019. Memberships: Munich Art Association, VG Bildkunst. Regular solo and group exhibitions.

Hélène Fuhs

Née en 1965 en Lorraine. Diplômée des Arts Plastiques de Strasbourg, elle obtient le premier prix du Club de la Presse à S’TART 2003 and the distinction Toile d’or de l’année 2013 de la Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française. Peintre professionnelle, elle ouvre en 2007 une Ecole de peinture à Saverne.
Expositions majeures: 2003 Galerie de l'Ill Strasbourg • Cocoon Bruxelles • Loft'in Paris • Wollm'art Strasbourg • Gmac Bastille Paris • Gmac Valbonne • Manoir Relais Oberhaslach • Festi Art Le Touquet Paris • Galerie la Passerelle Strasbourg 2015 • Musée du Château des Rohan Saverne 2015 • Galerie l'Empreinte Lausanne 2016 • Supermarché d'art Soleure 2016 • Galerie Zee Art Strasbourg 2017 • Ciarus “Paysages intérieurs” Strasbourg 2017 • Galerie Invicta 2018.

Silvia Geiger

Born in 1959, grew up in Merenschwand AG.
Education: 1998 - 2000 drawing and painting M-Art, Migros Lucerne • 2002 - 2009 various courses at the University of Design and Art, Lucerne (painting, drawing perception, and lithography) • 2007–2010 advanced training in art therapy, specializing in design and art Painting therapy, APK Institute, Thalwil • Since 2012, own painting studio.
Exhibitions: 2013 Buchrain LU meeting center • 2015–2018 Art Supermarket Solothurn • 2018 exhibition Bergmättli dormitory, Beromünster.


Fredi Gertsch

Burgdorf CH. 1952 born in Fisch. «Like the primordial mother of all living things, the cow appears in every picture. In doing so, I harmonize colors that do not fit at first glance and combine different techniques to create a vibrating staging. "
Exhibitions (selection)
Art International, Zurich • Affordable Art Fair, New York • Art Wiesloch DE • Marziart, Int. Hamburg Gallery • Lindenhof Gallery, Zurich • Hadorn Gallery, Lichtensteig • Art Store, Zurich • Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles • artlet Gallery, Salzburg • Bromer Art Collection, Roggwil • Simple Gallery, Gstaad • Basel Art Center.



1984 born in Tyrol. Lives and works in Vienna. Studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The high-contrast works, which are mostly painted with ink on different surfaces, thrive on their linework and speed. Exhibitions (selection): 2014 Museumsquartier Wien • 2014 Art Gallery, Vienna • 2015 Tojner Collection Vienna • 2015 Sculpture Garden, Vienna • 2015 Young Art Auction by Sothebys in the Albertina, Vienna • 2016 Design Project Sprungraum, Berlin • 2016 Landart Project, «the observer », Vienna • 2017/18 art supermarkets in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt a. M. and Solothurn • 2017 Agrarspeicher Korneuburg, Lower Austria • 2017 E / AB Fair, the tunnel, New York • 2018 Galerie leconainer, Nice.


Claudia Gubser

Pictures that move - indescribably feminine.
Born and raised in Lucerne. Qualified kindergarten teacher and social
pedagogue. Artistic training at the art academy Neustift Italy, the design school Farbmühle and in the Lucerne art studio. Various acrylic painting studies in Lucerne. Since 2014 freelance artist and course leader for acrylic painting in the art studio Lucerne and her own studio in Inwil. Various exhibitions in the Lucerne, Zug and Zurich area since 1990. «My works of art are all mixed in acrylic and have a moving surface structure. They look like a relief. What emerges are mostly women, with dance-like ease, sensual and seldom silhouetted. "

Bernd Hanke

Born in Bremerhaven in 1951. Lives and works in Wolfhagen / Kassel since 2015. He has been painting and working on paper since the 1970s. 1988–1993 studies at the Neue Kunstschule Zürich • 1995 one year stay in Andalusia • 2004–2009 short stays in Shanghai.
Exhibitions (selection): In Langen, Schwanewede, Dinslaken, Hochstadt, Frankfurt, Warburg, intersecció art Palma, Room Art Fair Madrid, Berlin, Bremerhaven, Maintal. Since 2001 participation in the art supermarkets in Berlin, Frankfurt a. M., Vienna and Solothurn.



Franca Heller

Bern CH.
Born in Bern in 1967, lives and works in Bern. Works and experiments with a wide variety of materials such as epoxy resin, glass splinters, industrial glass spheres, acrylic, car paint, porcelain, impact metal, oil painting. Since 2017 working with the cyanotype. Regular exhibition activity.
Cyanotype an old photographic process. The 1: 1 negative is placed directly on the carrier material. With the exposure, the treated areas change color from their originally yellowish to a greenish hue. All pictures are unique, as the look is determined by the carrier material, the coating and the exposure time and are therefore never identical.

Kevin Hill

Basel CH
Kevin Hill is a London-born Irish landscape painter who has lived and worked in Basel for 47 years. There are countless regional and international options Looking back at exhibitions. Exhibitions (selection)
2009 KunstpART – Galerie, Spalenberg, Basel • 2009/10 Regionale9 in the Basler Kunsthalle • 2009–2014 regular artist at the Katapult Gallery, Basel • 2010–2018 Solothurn Art Supermarket • 2010 Gordon Londonderry Gallery • 2011 Basel Art Days • 2011–2013 Gallery Artworks Liestal • 2012 Mühlestall, Allschwil • 2013 Pfullendorf Germany, Kulturverein Allschwil and Schönenbuch Johanniter Kapelle - Rheinfelden cultural office • 2014 Kantonsspital Laufen with purchase of art credit BL.


Erna Hofmann

Breitenbach CH
Born in Dornach in 1958. Primary school teacher. Studied painting therapist. Artistic training with Prof. Emil Sargant, Kunstforum Bregenz AT. Course leader at the Volkshochschule Basel. Since 2014 atelier «painting workshop». Painting and drawing liberate me, bring me to my own clarity and mean development to myself. Today I love working out of lines and surfaces that guide me and create work in my own honest process. Exhibitions (selection)
2000 Basel am Rhysprung • 2013 Arte Versa, Therwil BL • 2015 Kulturforum 10, Breitenbach • 2015 Arte Binningen BL • 2017 Bürger Schüre, Aesch • 2018 KF 10, Breitenbach.


Horvatic Julije

Sesvete HR
Born in Zagreb in 1962. Middle School of Graphic Design Academy of Fine Arts.
Exhibitions (selection)
1997 Zagreb agm - art point centar • 1997/98 Codice Galerie more • 1999 Gallery in the student center of the University of Zagreb • 1999 Brela, street art point • 2001 Ljubljana, mestna galerija 2 • 2002 Trieste ars futura • 2005 Sesvete, Galerie Oblok • 2005 - 2010 Zagreb, auction house for children of Croatia • 2007 Sesvete, Galerie Oblok • 2009 Berlin, Galerie Blickensdorff.
Participation in the Solothurn art supermarket since 2012.

Thanya Inthahom

Thalwil CH
Thanyaphorn Ecknauer-Inthahom was born in Thailand in 1960. Today she is Swiss. 1984 Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Rajamangala University, Poh-Chang Academy of Arts in Bangkok.
Subjects: Cityscapes, landscape / flower pictures, portraits Participation in exhibitions all over the world. Owner of one of my works of art: The King of Thailand.
Promotion of watercolor art in Switzerland. Leadership IWS Switzerland and painting courses in Thalwil watercolor paintings by thanya

Corinne Käch

Wetzikon CH. Born in Zurich in 1961. Since 2008 freelance artist with her own studio. Education and training at home and abroad. «Every work includes a whole world of ideas, so I put different images on top of one another, some things remain covered up, some are hinted at and others are left open. At the same time as painting, I work with mostly rusty iron sheets. When I work with the plasma cutter, I don't sketch anything, but open myself to the figures that may appear. " Various solo and group exhibitions.


Béatrice Kerbastard

Le Rouret FR
The research à partir du figuratif un travail de couleurs vers l’abstraction, mais je m’arrête à mi-chemin lorsque l’œil devine encore le “connu” et le “reconnu”. La matière, poudre de marbre avec liant plus ou moins dilué, me permet de thunder du volume, du relief au tableau, le mouvement est là.
Exposure 2019 SIAC Marseille • Paris: Carré d'artistes gallery • 2018 Mougins: Atelier-galerie en permanence • Theoule: Expo collective • 2017 Monaco: Gildo Pastor gallery • Bordeaux: Carré d'artiste gallery • Valbonne: «Les Invités» gallery • St Cezaire: Festival d'art • 2016 Montpellier: Elan d'Art • St Paul de Vence: Galerie Massaya • St Cezaire: festival d'Art • Draguignon: Galerie Dufresne • 2013 Paris-Bastille: Gemac

Karin Köpfli

Bremgarten CH
Born in 1973 in Aarau. 1988 preliminary course at the Zurich School of Applied Arts; 1989 - 1992 training as a graphic designer; 1993 - 2015 work as a graphic designer; 2008 start with abstract painting; 2010 - 2015 extra-occupational training in abstract painting, Assenza painting school, Münchenstein; from 2012 School Network Painting, Münchenstein. Since then she has been working as a freelance graphic designer and artist in her studio in the lower old town of Bremgarten. Studio visits possible by appointment.



Doris sorrow

Zurich CH
Education: Zurich University of Design, Wetzikon Art School, House of Color in Zurich. She has been working in her own studio since 1998.
Solo exhibitions (selection) 2007 Municipal House, Bergdietikon • 2008 Art Forum, Stallikon • 2009 Sigristenkeller, Bülach • 2010 Altstadthalle, Zug • 2011 atelier 497, Zurich / Atelier Kümmichweggen, Schaffhausen • City Library, Schaffhausen • 2013 Galerie Heubar, Basel • 2014 Galerie Milchhütte, Zumikon • 2015 Galerie Regula Brun, Lucerne • 2016 Dorfspycher, Rütschelen • 2017 Paul Gugelmann Museum, Schönenwerd • 2018 Kulturschüür, Männedorf. Since 2011 regular participation in the art supermarkets in Solothurn, Berlin and Frankfurt a. M.

Maczel Lang

Zurich CH
Born in 1984 in La Habana, Cuba. Studied fine arts at the Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, Havana. Lives and works today as a freelance artist in Zurich. In his watercolors, Maczel Lang deals with everyday life in different spheres of life. He uses, among other things, as a stylistic device. contrasting elements or popular iconography. With great attention to detail, he expresses the beauty, beneath the deceptive surface, of the surreal and complex world reality.Exhibitions (selection)
Various exhibitions in Cuba and Europe. • 2009-2015 Taller de serigrafia Rene Portocarrero • 2016 Fabrica de Arte Cubano • 2015-19 Greek Street, London • 2016 Dox Gallery, Prague • 2018 Casetta della Musica, Rome




Lin Yi Zheng

Born in Fuzhou Fujian, China in 1962. Working as a freelance artist since 1999.

Exhibition selection 2014 “DEJA BLÜH” with Esther Rollbühler in the room for art-cheating • 2015 art fair “Kölner List”, at the Arthus gallery in Cologne • “New ink works” at the art fair “Art Fair Cologne” in Cologne (E) • 2016 “Ink painting », Tobien Gallery in Husum • Huyang Gallery in Beijing China (E) • 2017 Art Fair« Art Karlsruhe », at the Arthus Gallery in Karlsruhe •« Dialog », exhibition in the Arthus Gallery in Zell •« Unrested Butterfly », in the gallery Shengdongfang in Beijing China (E) • 2018 art fair «Art Karlsruhe», at the Arthus gallery in Karlsruhe • Discovery Art Fair, at the Arthus gallery in Cologne • Art Taipei art fair, at the Shengdongfang gallery in Taipei- Taiwan • 2019 art fair «Art Karlsruhe », at the Arthus Gallery in Karlsruhe • The air smells like marijuana», Noack Gallery, Wasserberg (E) • 10th Asian Contemporary Art Hong Kong, at the Shengdongfang Gallery, Hong Kong

Maria Makova

Lollar DE
Born 1974 in St. Petersburg. 1985 - 91 art school for young people • 1995 - 2002 study of art education and German at JLU Giessen, master's degree.
Exhibitions (selection) 2001 Oil and acrylic paintings, Winchester, England • 2002 GeWo Galerie, Marburg; Galerie Seidenstrasse, Giessen • 2003 The Dream of the Self, Töpfer Practice, Frankfurt • 2004 New Work, Dermatology Clinic Giessen; The new com-
men, Stadtmuseum Bad Hersfeld • 2006 Im Dzwischen, Blanke-Klee-Kühn law firm, Marburg • 2008 Art of Dance, adult education center, Giessen • 2011 Terra incognita, rooms for encounters Bodelle, Giessen • 2013 “Body and soul”, radiology center Higer , To water


Marianne Maritz

Reinach CH. Born in Basel in 1965. School for design in Basel. Fabrik am See - Academy for Contemporary Art on Lake Constance. Free art academies Augsburg & Gerlingen. 1st prize at the international art exhibition “arte binningen” 2014. Diploma at the “Biennale Pratteln” 2017.
Exhibitions (selection)
2012 and 2016 “Art in Reinach” • 2013–2019 “arte binningen” • 2016 “Large solo exhibition” Galerie Werkstatt in Reinach • 2016 “artcoins”, Düsseldorf • 2016–2019 “Galerie Brigitta Leupin”, group exhibition, Basel • 2017 Art International Zurich • “Biennale Pratteln”, Beyeler Collection Gallery, Pratteln • 2018 ARTBOX - Project New York


Jolanda Masa

Rothenburg CH. Freelance artist. The artistic training was self-taught as well as in various art courses at well-known schools and artists.
In her artistic career she has tried many techniques with different materials. She paints abstractly as well as figuratively and is inspired by nature, people and feelings.
Exhibitions: Since 1999 regular solo and group exhibitions all over Switzerland.
Self-employed and freelance course instructor at the Mal Atelier Masa in Rothenburg since 2014. "With my art I want to touch, stimulate thought and bring a lot of joy."


Claire McGill

Neuchâtel CH. Née en 1983. Formée à l'école d'art d'Édimbourg Claire McGill a toujours fait du dessin et de la peinture son terrain de jeu et d'expérimentation préféré. Après s’être focalisée principalement sur l’humain, son attention, depuis 2017, est captée par les cours d’eau, les montagnes, les plantes et les animaux. Toute cette vie, exubérante, fait irruption sur la page blanche.
Les couleurs explosent joyeusement, les encres éclaboussent la feuille et indiquent des directions inattendues. Pour Claire McGill, peindre a un parfum d’aventure et d’invitation au sauvage.

Susanne Meierhofer

Wasterkindnen CH
A weakness for design and the joy of colors have been with me since childhood. In 2009 I finally realized my long-cherished wish and started painting. Since then I have been attending courses and seminars with artists at home and abroad.
There are no limits to my willingness to experiment. I mainly paint in acrylic, combined with various materials. Variations in subjects and styles are the result - according to the motto: cheeky, colorful and versatile.
Exhibitions (selection) 2011 werk Galerie one, Bülach • 2012 Oxyd, Winterthur • 2013 Café Black, Zurich • 2018 event hotel riverside, Glattfelden


Philippe Mendel

Müllheim DE
Born in Paris in 1962. Studied at the Sorbonne and the Paris Film School. Language and art teacher in Germany and France. Different styles and themes: portraits, horizons, landscapes, especially Catalunya, nudes and abstracts. Mainly uses acrylic and oil paints.
1975 2nd prize at the comic book competition in Paris, Uderzo (Astérix) was on the jury • 1978 first exhibition in St-Germain les Corbeils, 1st prize at the painting competition there.
Exhibitions (selection) 2011 - 2018 Art Supermarket • 2015 Carpentras • 2016 Solo exhibition in Friborg (CH), Audiopur • “Portraits pour Traits”, personal exhibition in Heitersheim.

Mix Villars Michel

Lausanne CH
2013 à 2020 plusieurs expositions à Swiss Art Space, Lausanne • 2009 à 2020 Art incognito, Galerie du Soleil, Saignelégier • 2011/12 Supermarché d'art contemporain à Soleure • 2008 «Voyages immobiles», l'Hôtel de Ville, Yverdon • « Les chantiers du M2 ”, Palais de Beaulieu and Galerie Filambule-Humus, Lausanne • 2006 Carouge, Galerie d'Octobre • 2004/05 Genève, Galerie P. Gutknecht • 2005 Lausanne, Galerie de Grancy • 2003 Bienne, Café des Arts“ Mariana »• Berne, Kunstkeller • Bienne, Ancienne Couronne • Orly, Galerie des Aéroports • 2001 Paris, Galerie Thuillier & Bibliothèque Nationale


Julia Moniewski

Solothurn CH
Born in Poland in 1985. Lives in Switzerland since 2010.
During her nine years of training at the music school, she also attended the high school for art. Then she completed her architecture studies at the University of Bydgoszcz (Poland) and at the same time turned to art. In various painting and drawing courses with MA Tadeusz Hassek, she continued her education in painting with a focus on still life, figure and nude drawing.
She is a freelance artist, paints and draws her pictures, portraits of people live or based on a photo. Exhibitions (selection) 2015 Galerie artesol Solothurn • 2020 Art Talents, Zurich • 2020 First int. Contemporary art fair art3f, Monaco

Renate Moser

Untersiggenthal CH. 1956 born in Lucerne. Lives in a closed factory area, directly on the Limmat in Argau. Initial training in decoration and floristry. Further training in painting, art therapy and advertising. Current focus on art painting, coupled with teaching activities in painting and object design.
Exhibitions (selection) 2018 Nature-Art, Stroppelinsel • 2017 Art Feldmatte, Teufenthal. • 2016 “The Golden Craft”, Stroppel U'siggenthal • 2015 Art Supermarket Solothurn • 2014 New Works, Zähnteschür Oberrohrdorf • 2013 Galerie Marziart Hamburg • 2013 RegioArt Lörrach • 2011 Sculptures Klingnau Castle • 2010 Kunstraum Baden • 2009 Galerie Kunst 7, Zurich «Unterwegs» • 2007 Galerie Kunst 7, Zürich «Aufbruch» • 2005/2006 Galerie Eule Art, Samedan


Mosimann Myung

Hours CH
«My passion is painting and drawing. Acrylic painting, charcoal and ink drawing are my preferred techniques. "
Born in South Korea. Came to Switzerland in 1983. Has worked as a freelance artist for over 15 years. Art studies at the art school Rabe in Liestal. Bad-Reichenhall Art Academy. Drawing at the School for Design in Bern and Biel.
«The pictures are the expression between the perception of the outside world and myself. Human figures can be found in their natural as well as abstract form. This results in a variety of works that leave plenty of room for your own interpretations. "




1997 Foundation of the Multimoni initiative in Frankfurt. Moni Schwatz (objects and literature), Moni Rott (painting and food), Moni Gold (painting and design). Exhibitions (selection): 2003 Guggenheim, Berlin • 2004 Moni Gold's bag collection in the shop of the MoMa exhibition, Berlin • 2005
“Frogs”, Kühn Gallery, Berlin • “Cool Christmas”, Kühn Gallery, Berlin • 2006 “Town Musicians and Fish”, Meisterschüler Gallery, Berlin • 2010 “Happiness remains difficult”, Kühn Gallery, Lilienthal • 2012 Multimoni special, sculptures and paintings TomShot, Berlin-Mitte • 2013 publication
of the book “Tommy on the move” with paintings, drawings and texts from all Monis • 2016 “Memento Moni” in the Be Poet action room, Frankfurt a. M. • 2018 «Accumulation», Galerie im Heuerhaus, Dötlingen • Since 2001 regular participation in the art supermarket.

Martina Niederhauser

Sarnen CH
Born 1977 in Goldau, SZ. Married, 1 daughter, freelance artist living in Sarnen, studio in Lungern. 2005–2008 academic years in Shanghai and 2010–2012 academic years in Chicago. Exhibitions (selection) Represented by galleries in 6 countries. • Affordable Artfair London Battersea • Affordable Artfair London Hampstead • Affordable Artfair Amsterdam • Okker Art Gallery Amsterdam • Kunstwarenhaus Zürich • Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles • Eclectic Gallery London • Art Innsbruck • Art Supermarket Solothurn, Sylt, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin & Vienna • First Artfair Amsterdam • Art Breda (NL) • Talented Artfair London



Nooshin Salim Razavi

Weinheim DE. Born in 1956 in Tehran, Iran. Training in tourism management; 1985 Private School for Drawing & Painting in Turin IT; 1987–1990 watercolor painting at art and antiques shop in Turin, Italy; 1991/1992
Art class in Baden, Switzerland; since 2002
she directs watercolor painting in Weinheim. Exhibitions (selection): 1996 Sparkasse im Gorxheimertal • 2002 workshop in Le Landeron, Switzerland • 2003 workshop in Rasa, Switzerland • 2004 workshop exhibition by the Kunstförderverein Weinheim e. V. • 2005 District Nursing Home Weinheim; Happy
denberg Weinheim • 2010 District Nursing Home Weinheim • 2013 Meddy’s Club Weinheim
Regular participation in the Solothurn art supermarket since 2014.


Verena Ober-Weiler

Absam AT
Born in Innsbruck in 1977. Lives and paints in Absam. For several years I have been leading creative afternoons for children and young people. I discovered my creative abilities as a child.
"Creativity is the intelligence that is fun!" A. Einstein
Whether pictures, furniture, various handicraft techniques ... I enjoy colors, experimenting and creating. I work with a wide variety of materials such as sand, old books, plaster, stain ... and also love to use all kinds of surfaces such as wood, fence slats, canvases, paper or old furniture ...
I paint from abstract to traditional, children's pictures, pictures for different occasions, whatever the mood.


Oberto Hervé

Sanary s / mer FR
Né 1974 à Grenoble.
2020: Permanent Exposition Neuilly Art Gallery, Sanary sur mer • 2019 Permanent Exposition, Singul’Art Gallery, Lyon. • Permanent Exposition, Artwist Gallery, Paris. • Permanent exhibition, Victoria Gallery, Aix-les-Bains. • Permanent exhibition, Tout un Art gallery, St Cyr au Mont d’Or. • Permanent exhibition, Galerie de Lans, Chambery. • Permanent Exposition, Via-Mundi Gallery, Atlanta. • 2012 Exposition collective “111 des Arts”, Lyon. • Exposition collective, Happy Art, Sanary. • 2011: Exposition “la Fanny”, à l’Espace de la Tour de Mably (42). • 2010: Exposition collective de la bible de l’Art Singulier, Halle St Pierre, Paris. • 2007: 10ème Edition du Bann’Art (Festival d’Art Singulier de Banne (Ardèche). • 1994: Exposition collective, Villa Médicis, Rome. • From 1996 to 1999: travail de recherche et d’illustration, Musée Dauphinois, Grenoble.

Malgorzata Olejniczak

Regensberg CH
On her travels to Japan Malgorzata Olejniczak discovered the art and philosophy of ink painting. Since 2001 she has been studying sumi-e art in Tokyo in the class of well-known masters such as Ilan Yanizky and since 2012 in the class of master Tohun Kobayashi.
She leads courses in Japanese painting in Switzerland, Poland and Germany. Among other things in «Manggha», the Museum of Japanese Art in Krakow and in the Eko-Haus in Düsseldorf. She regularly exhibits her work in solo and group exhibitions.
In 2016, Olejniczak received a special award at the Tokyo National Art Center and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. She became a jury member of the Asia Exhibition 2019 at the National Art Center in Tokyo and has received several awards in Japan since 2016.


Palmer Sigrid

Born in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. 1984–1990 studies (M.A.) in art, German and pedagogy in Frankfurt am Main • Artistic training with painter and art lecturer U. Summerer, Westerwald Exhibitions (selection): 1999 Galerie Kunstraum Liebusch, Frankfurt • 2000/2001
Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt • 2002 Galeria Alvarezdelvalle, Frankfurt • Frankfurter Volksbank • GeWoGalerie, Marburg • “Marburger Hängung”, Marburg • 2003 Gallery Schilling, Schorndorf “Cavernetta”, Bochum • 2004 Gallery Schamretta, Frankfurt • 2005 Museum Haus Cajeth, Heidelberg •
2006 Galerie im Schloss, Sommerhausen • 2007 Galerie Schamretta, Frankfurt • Since 1999 participation in the art supermarket

Jean Perrin

Aigle CH
Après avoir suivi l’Ecole d’arts appliqués de Vevey, son diplôme en poche, Jean Perrin se passionne très vite pour le dessin animé et réalise plusieurs séries pour la TSR. Il collabore à l’émission "les Babibouchettes" en compagnie d’Albert le Vert.
En peinture, Jean Perrin utilize souvent des techniques mixtes associant acryliques et collages pour nous plonger dans un monde onirique où les matières et les éléments s’entremêlent dans une nature omniprésente. Au premier regard, peut-être un paysage ou un arbre nous paraît être familier, puis l’oeil s’attarde pour y découvrir une nouvelle manière d’appréhender l’image, reflet d’un monde inconstant qui nous emporte ailleurs.
[email protected]


Milos Petcovic

With the connection of architecture and basic elements of life, Petkovic brings the story and message of a simple city life to his viewers. Petkovic's painting style is mainly characterized by the atmosphere. His most frequent subject are urban landscapes - cityscapes. He uses colors very sparingly, which means that the pictures often develop a melancholy character. People can be seen in all of the paintings. However, Petkovic does not paint people in detail, but with a few concise brushstrokes. This gives the viewer an impression of the movement, while the individual remains unrecognized. After Serbia and New Zealand, he now lives and works in Zurich.


Piepgras Kai

Born in 1963 in Kiel. Exhibitions (selection): 2005 CHACO, Hamburg; Peters, Hattstedt • 2006 Courtyard by Marriott, Hamburg • 2007 Westerholt