Would the personal responsibility of employees for companies improve productivity

Flat hierarchies - trend in companies

Flat hierarchies in companies have many advantages. Because decisions have to be approved by fewer bodies in the company, decisions can be made and implemented more quickly. That increases the workflow extremely. In addition, this gives every employee the feeling that new ideas can be stimulated, discussed and then implemented quickly or more quickly. In companies with hierarchical structures, however, decision-making paths are long, so that individual employees can be demotivated, as their ideas and work are slowly implemented and can be rejected by some authorities.

In addition, effect flat hierarchies more personal responsibility at work. Every employee can act more independently, as decisions or ideas and food for thought in general have to be discussed with fewer “superiors”. The employees who would rather be lower in the hierarchy feel more responsible for the entire company, which can lead to higher motivation.

Teamwork is also a positive effect of flat hierarchies. Decisions no longer only depend on individual people, but are discussed and worked out in teams. Communication is more open, which can greatly improve the working atmosphere.

A lack of hierarchy can sometimes have a negative effect. The distribution of tasks can become more unclear and responsibilities are assigned to different people. In some cases, this can lead to disputes. It can also be an obstacle not to have a direct contact person or supervisor for certain tasks and decisions. Almost all decisions remain with one or more managing directors, who are then burdened more and ultimately one person again decides "everything". In addition, regulations or decisions can be challenged more by others if the person does not hold the officially higher hierarchical position. This can worsen the working atmosphere, as instructions are taken less seriously and there is competition for the implementation of one's own goals and ideas.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, flat hierarchies can work well or less well depending on the company and its employees. Traditional, large companies would find it difficult to break down hierarchies and employees can be very satisfied there too. For other companies, on the other hand, flat structures can greatly improve the working atmosphere and productivity.