Why did President Trump want Gina Haspel

Trump's candidate for CIA leadership wanted to back down

According to information from the Washington Post, Gina Haspel wanted to renounce her nomination as head of the CIA. Only after talks with the White House did she decide to stick with her candidacy.

(dpa) Gina Haspel, nominated by US President Donald Trump as the new head of the CIA foreign intelligence service, has offered to withdraw, according to a report. According to information from the Washington Post, Haspel offered the White House on Friday to waive her nomination. She wanted to avoid an expected violent questioning in the US Senate this Wednesday as well as damaging the reputation of the CIA and her own person. It was only on Saturday that it became clear that she would stick with her candidacy, it was said.

The 61-year-old is set to succeed Mike Pompeo, who has become the new US Secretary of State. Haspel is controversial because she reportedly ran a US secret prison in Thailand in 2002. In this, terror suspects were tortured by so-called waterboarding (simulated drowning). Haspel is accused of later being involved in the illegal destruction of videos of such interrogations.

A withdrawal from Haspel would be very inconvenient for Trump. The White House has to do with constant staff changes, departures and expulsions. The Senate has to confirm Haspel. It's going to be tight because the majority is only 51 to 49 and Senator John McCain is absent. He is grappling with a deadly brain tumor in Arizona.