Should I cosplay in public?

Rules for costume design, props and imitation weapons for the Manga-Comic-Con

So that all trade fair visitors remember the Manga-Comic-Con for the Leipzig Book Fair as a great event with many wonderful experiences, we would like to give cosplayers specific information on costume design and weapon regulations.

These rules may be a bit stricter than at other events. We ask for your understanding, because the Manga-Comic-Con is closely linked to the Leipzig Book Fair. In addition to cosplayers and manga / anime insiders, a large number of other visitors also move around the exhibition grounds, such as B. Families with young children, seniors and politicians.

We ask all cosplayers to adhere to these rules in order to be fair to other cosplayers.


Many cosplay costumes cannot do without "weapon imitations". However, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and our obligations as organizer and operator result in guidelines that must be strictly adhered to. We are therefore carrying out a "cosplay check" at the Manga-Comic-Con (see below).

Specific inquiries as to whether a costume or an imitation weapon may be worn or not can be sent with a photo and full name to [email protected] Please understand that our security forces have the final decision-making power.

Please dress, style and apply make-up at home or in the hotel rooms, as there will be no changing rooms on the premises. Those responsible for contaminated sanitary facilities will be held liable.

Costume design rules

I. Not allowed

  • Gas masks or motorcycle helmets; other full face masks must be coordinated with the MCC team in advance
  • Sharp corners and edges on clothing
  • Representations of injuries from 10 cm in diameter
  • Any fake blood, liquids that look similar or make-up on the body, clothing, accessories and props
  • Zombies are generally not allowed to be shown.
  • We reserve the right to refuse too scary cosplays (e.g. Pennywise)
  • Costumes that depict or are based on army uniforms and combat suits from the period after 1900 are not permitted.
  • We ask all cosplayers to observe ยง86a of the German Criminal Code when depicting signs and symbols
  • Costumes must not be too revealing, i.e. the upper body, genital area and buttocks must be adequately covered by clothing - this applies to all genders.

II. Allowed

  • Fur, morphsuits / zentais are generally allowed in all halls. Suits that are deterrent or not suitable for children must be coordinated with the MCC team in advance.
  • Everyday objects such as B. Commercially available walking sticks, musical instruments and umbrellas are allowed.
  • Contact lenses of any kind are allowed

III. miscellaneous

  • Maximum dimensions for expansive costumes::
    • Skirts / dresses: max. 2 m diameter
    • Tails and tails: max. 1 m length from foot end
    • Fixed leaves: max. 1 m span per leaf, i.e. 2 m span in total. Please stretch out flexible wings only for photos and if there is enough space.
    • Height of the costume including wings and crowns: max. 2.50 m
    • The spines of corresponding bracelets and collars must be a maximum of 5 cm long and must be blunt
  • Armor made of metal must be firmly attached to the body, loose parts must be presented to the cosplay check.
  • Make-up as well as "dirt" belonging to the costume must not rub off.

Rules to props

IV. Not allowed

Carrying guns in accordance with German gun laws is prohibited in public. In addition, some fake weapons are prohibited at our event:

  • Objects made from impermissible materials. This includes:
    • all types of metal (if the metal content predominates). Here the photo and description are decisive after an individual request to the MCC organizers.
    • Plexiglass (due to its sharpness, especially in the case of imitations of cut and stabbing weapons)
    • Wood from a thickness of 3 cm (e.g. baseball bat)
  • Weapons that exceed the permitted dimensions in their total length (see III. And V.) are prohibited, even if they can be dismantled into individual parts
  • Airsoft, paintball and gotcha weapons, even if they are no longer functional
  • Blank and gas pistols
  • Real ammunition
  • Loose, massive metal chains
  • Cutting and stabbing weapons regardless of whether they have a sharp or blunt blade
  • Real and decorative swords
  • Nunchucks
  • Tanto knife and decorative saber
  • Handcarts, bobbycars, inline skates, scooters, skateboards and scooters

V. Allowed

Imitation weapons and weapons that are not subject to the Weapons Act can be brought along, taking into account the regulations mentioned here and the house rules of the Leipziger Messe ( Allowed are:

  • Weapon imitations made of wood, cardboard, plastic, soft material, foam or thermoplastic materials (e.g. swords or scythes) as well as a combination of these (e.g. foam or latex replicas with stabilization core) up to a total length of max. 1.50 m.
  • Tips made of flexible, pliable material
  • Walking sticks and sticks with a total length of 2 m, if they do not have bulky attachments (e.g. scythe leaves, crowns, etc.)
  • Scythe blade max. 80 cm long
  • Shields up to a diameter of max. 80 cm
  • Functional bows without real tendons, max. 1.50 m and quiver with dummy arrows
  • Throwing weapons made of soft, flexible materials without a solid core

More information

  • A person who carries a weapon within the meaning of the Weapons Act will be refused entry to the event area.
  • Show fights are only allowed on the main stage during cosplay competitions and performances,
  • Anyone found on the site with an unmarked prop must go to the cosplay check immediately. Anyone who refuses to have them checked and marked must hand them in.
  • All prohibited items will be stored at the cosplay check for a fee and can be picked up again after visiting the fair.
  • The decision made by the security staff in the cosplay check is final and cannot be contested.
  • All visitors carry props with them at their own risk and are liable for any damage caused by them.
  • The props of the participants in selected cosplay competitions are stored separately and brought to the big stage in time for the performance. When leaving the exhibition grounds, the props will be handed out again. Participants can find out which competitions this regulation applies to directly from the cosplay competition organizer.

VI. Opening times weapon check

  • Thursday to Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • From 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., only the given or retained cosplay equipment is handed out

VII. Cosplay representatives for the duration of the trade fair

Do you have any questions on site about the cosplay check, the cosplay rules or other matters relating to cosplay? Then you are on site our cosplay hotline helping to the side. She can be reached during the trade fair on 0341 678-6955.

You are welcome to print out these rules and bring them with you when you visit the trade fair.

Current status: 10.09.2020