What are good free French news websites

French press
National and regional

Here is an overview list of French media. In addition, there are hundreds of specialized magazines, which in principle all have to be available in the press kiosks. This leads to the fact that the owners have to carry titles that do not have the slightest chance of being bought / sold. This leads to conflict from time to time and the kiosks remain closed.
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Le Monde
www.lemonde.frEdition 360,000
Liberationwww.liberation.frEdition 140,000
Le Figarowww.lefigaro.frJob advertisements of all kinds in the Monday edition
Edition 335,000
L'Humanitéwww.humanite.presse.frCommunist daily newspaper
Les echoes
Le Parisienwww.leparisien.fr
La Tribunewww.latribune.fr
France Soirwww.francesoir.frPaper version set
La Montagnewww.lamontagne.frAuvergne
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsacewww.dna.frInternational, national and Alsatian information
La Charente Librewww.charente.com
La Dépêche du Midiladepeche.comInformation about Toulouse and the neighboring departments: Aude, Gers, Lot ...
La Provencewww.laprovence-presse.frNews from the Marseille region
La République des Pyrénéeswww.pyrenees.com
La Voix du Nordwww.lavoixdunord.frDaily newspaper for the north
Le Courrier Picardwww.courrier-picard.frPicardy region
Le Dauphiné Libéréwww.ledauphinelibere.com
Le Journal de Saône et Loirewww.le-journal-de-saone-et-loire.fr
Le Progrèswww.leprogres.frInformation from Lyon
Le Télégrammewww.letelegramme.comBreton daily newspaper
L'Est Républicainwww.estrepublicain.frLorraine and Franche-Comté region
Midi Librewww.midilibre.comFor the south and south-west departments: Aude, Aveyron, Gard, Hérault and Pyrénées-Orientales.
Nice matinwww.nicematin.fr
The newspaper of the Alpes-Maritimes department. National and international news.
Special editions for Corsica and the Var department
One of the largest regional daily newspapers for the Pays de Loire, Brittany and Normandy.
Le Nouvel Economistewww.lenouveleconomiste.com
Current valueswww.valeursactuelles.com
Le Nouvel Observateurwww.nouvelobs.com
Le Pointwww.lepoint.fr

No millions of copies in France

The largest daily newspaper in France is ... l'Équipe, the sports magazine. The owner is also the organizer of the Tour de France.
Apparently there is no need in France for a daily newspaper in the style of BLÖDS. Springer Verlag is said to have had plans to introduce this format in France.


"Sooner or later the provincial and foreigners notice that all articles in the French press are dictated by camaraderie," wrote Stendhal in the ... English ... press in the 1830s.

The once renowned daily Le Figaro has not been taken seriously since it was taken over by the industrialist, armaments manufacturer and member of parliament Dassault. Everything that does not fit into his worldview is faded out or falsified with misleading titles. So you could read this title in February 2012:

"Germany reactivates nuclear power plants"

Despite repeated corrections by allemagneinfo.com, the article may still be available today ... more

a glossy environmental magazine.

Somehow the magazine at the kiosk immediately caught the eye: a screaming red bar and a glowing suit on the cover. Environmental magazines are green and there must be a few plants somewhere. Instead, a slanted lettering: L'OREAL. On closer inspection it turns out that this is Oréal's ethics charter and the nice gentleman is Aesthetics, sorry, Ethics Director at L'Oréal, who explains to us the following: "Buy, that's building a lasting partnership." All right. We have understood what we should buy and that as long as possible. And what about the environment? € 4.90 was too much for us to get an answer to this question. In addition to the beaming gentleman, we also learn that the "groups" (it is probably the large trading corporations) want to introduce their suppliers to ethics. But now we laughed heartily, of course, April 1st, and the whole magazine is just a joke. Then we looked at the online edition of the magazine. The editorial came with a nice joke. EVIAN delivers its plastic bottles to old ladies in an environmentally friendly manner in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and picks up the empty bottles for recycling. To laugh at, especially since the tap water in Paris is excellent. Wait a minute, that's in the editorial of the March issue of ENVIRONNEMENT-MAGAZINE. Now we're getting insecure. The article about the wind turbines on the roofs of Paris ... was that an April Fool's joke or was it meant seriously?