When was Axl Rose born

Portrait: Guns N ’Roses: Why Axl Rose is considered a diva

In football it's similar to rock music. In the number one sport, it is frowned upon when a player switches to a local rival. With his future fans, he usually has bad cards, at least at the beginning. This happened to the Australian rock band AC / DC and their backup singer Axl Rose from Guns N‘Roses.

Axl Rose does not tolerate a star next to him

The 55-year-old jumped into the breach at AC / DC some time ago because their regular singer Brian Johnson fell ill. There was a lot of shouting among the AC / DC fans, and you almost had to fear demos on the street. A shit storm hit Rose on the Internet. For example, 8000 tickets were returned at a concert in Leipzig. In the meantime the situation has calmed down again. The tickets were eventually sold again and Rose did a good job at AC / DC. Axl Rose, who was born in Lafayette / Indiana in 1962, has the problem: He's a diva. It gets bad when people find other musicians better than him. Especially when Rose has to compete with his guitarist Slash. They don't like each other, but the audience loves slash. Rose once asked security to remove a fan who was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Slash is Guns N’ Roses ". Every now and then it can happen that Rose staggers onto the stage and doesn't hit the notes.

In any case, the introverted Slash, who was never averse to drugs, eventually got the hang of it and did his own thing. Years of trials and tribulations followed at Guns N ’Roses. The band, which was one of the world's best formations in the late 80s and early 90s with “Paradise City”, “November Rain” or the cover version of “Knocking on Heavens Door”, was as good as dead it wasn't really with Rose either. His marriage to Erin Everly (1990) soon divorced because they were both supposedly drunk at the wedding. Later Rose, whose real name is William Bruce Rose Jr., was still in a relationship with the model Stepanie Seymour. She was also seen in the video clip of "November Rain".

How long can Axl Rose and Slash put up with each other?

For some time now, the archenemies Slash and Rose have come to terms with each other again. For whatever reason. But not only that. Bassist Duff McKagan, who had also left the band, also got back in April 2016. For the first time, Melissa Reese (keyboard) is a woman. In Germany, the "old, new Gunners" are now giving two concerts. One on Tuesday in Munich. Will the band ever get as good as on their best album "Appetite for Destruction" (1987)? That will depend on how long the truce between Axl and Slash lasts.