Will BTS come to New York



The Korean boy band BTS thrilled New York. On October 6th the concert of the Koreans took place in the stadium Citi Field. 40,000 fans came.

The members of BTS said that their dream has now come true and that they can hardly believe it to be able to perform their songs in such a large stadium, in which only big stars have performed so far.

Not only Koreans and young fans came to the concert, but also older people and families, many of whom were wearing BTS T-shirts.

When BTS finally stepped on the stage on time, those present were simply thrilled. They sang along with all the songs and danced along with them.

In the new song "Idol" there are various typical Korean expressions. “Eolssu” is one of them. The Koreans shout “Eolssu” when they are particularly happy, in German this expression can be translated as “Hurray”. The BTS fans present knew of course what the Korean expressions mean and danced along with the traditional movement that can be found in the choreography for "Idol". It was just very impressive how the fans sang songs together with their idols, shouted “Eolssu” and made traditional Korean movements.

In order to be able to enjoy unforgettable moments with the idols, many fans even queued in front of the station a week before the start of the concert. All the hotels in the vicinity were long booked. In addition, the fans have prepared in special ways for the performances of their idols. There were advertisements on the walls of the Empire State Building and the Army fan club distributed food and blankets to the homeless.

After the satisfied concert, the fans cleaned up, just as it should be for BTS fans. They could also get home comfortably, because the city of New York had extended the operating hours of the subway especially for the BTS concert.