What is the national language of Ireland

The Irish language (Gaeilge or Gaolainn in Irish) is one of the three Gaelic languages, like Scottish and Manx, which used to be spoken on the Isle of Man. These in turn belong to the Celtic languages. Irish is the constitutional language of Ireland. In the European Union, Irish has been one of the 23 official languages ​​since 2007. It is estimated that around 1.6 million use Irish as their second language, and around 70,000 use it almost every day.

Linguists have not clarified beyond doubt where the Irish language originated from. It is clear that it comes from Celtic and has been spoken since at least the fourth century, but not how it came to Ireland. With the occupation of Ireland by the Normans in the late twelfth century, culture and literature flourished and the beginning of an early form of today's Irish language can be dated to this period. In the middle of the 18th century, many Irish people were killed in a famine, others emigrated to the USA, which resulted in the decline of the language. Today - in addition to Irish English - English is often spoken.

Dialects of Irish are the language itself as there is no real standardized Irish. A distinction is made mainly between the main dialects of Munster, Connacht and Ulster, which in turn are divided into geographically separated sub-dialects.

The differences to the English language are huge, despite the geographical proximity there are almost no similarities. However, since many English immigrants came to the island in the Middle Ages, different hybrids between Irish and English have developed; the so-called Hiberno-English or, as it is called in the English language, the Irish English.

The Irish language, its history and its peculiarities represent an interesting aspect in the context of the European languages ​​and their history. If you are interested in Irish as a language in more detail and at the same time want to go on vacation in a beautiful country, a language trip to Ireland can do a lot be recommended.