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With crowdsourcing against patent trolls

Microsoft is the first customer of Article One Partners' new Litigation Avoidance program. It aims to facilitate action against patent trolls by collecting evidence of the invalidity of patents through a network of scientists. Article One Partners wants to be able to collect the necessary material to defend against patent attacks within a few weeks.

  1. ALPMA through R. B. Personnel & Management Consulting, Rott am Inn
  2. PROJECT Immobilien, Nuremberg, Germany-wide (home office)

Above all, it is about patent trolls, i.e. companies that limit themselves to patent litigation without running an operational business themselves. Because this is where the usual defense strategy of large corporations fails: to respond to patent lawsuits with their own lawsuits for patent infringement in order to ultimately achieve a patent swap. A path that Microsoft is successfully pursuing with its large patent profile and which is also well earned.

Only if the plaintiff restricts itself exclusively to patent lawsuits and does not conduct any further business does this strategy leave no open ground. And in many cases the patents cited are invalid. According to Article One Partners, 46 percent of the patents cited in lawsuits are invalid.

Article One Partners relies on network effects: All users of Litigation Avoidance have access to all data collected about it. The more customers participate, the lower the costs for the individual company. The company lures the scientists with cash rewards for good research. So far, $ 1.3 million has been paid out to scientists, according to Article One Partners.