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MacBook battery defective? This is how you exchange it

Your MacBook's battery has a limited lifespan, after which it will deteriorate. Depending on the model, according to Applebetween 300 and 1,000 charging cycles possible. That doesn't sound like much. However, a charging cycle does not mean every single charging process of the battery.

The following is what a charge cycle means

  • A charging cycle is only completed when all the battery power has been used up. It does not end if you recharge the notebook before the battery has completely discharged.
  • For example, you can use up half the battery power in one day and fully recharge the battery. If you repeat this the next day, the device will still be on the same charging cycle. A single cycle can therefore extend over several days.

If the maximum number of charging cycles is exceeded, the battery is considered exhausted according to Apple and should be replaced. But the battery doesn't stop working suddenly: its performance gradually deteriorates.

You can check your MacBookhow many charging cycles it has already completed

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Pick the pointAbout this Mac out and go toSystem report
  3. Click on the leftPower supply. Look under at the top of the reportBattery information the pointCharging cycles. Here you will find a number - it indicates the number of charging cycles that have already been carried out.

Different MacBook models allow different numbers of charging cycles. You can find out which value applies to your device on this Apple support website.